Senior Survivor day three: “Everyone here is a snake”

Senior Survivor day three: Everyone here is a snake

Ava McBride and Evan Gerlach

The shrill, bird-like shrieks of instructor Ryan Burke’s young son momentarily transported contestants to CBS’s Survivor. At times, the LGI room can feel more intense than the treacherous wilderness. Within minutes, alliances can be forged or destroyed. The competition is narrowing down; three more survivors packed their bags Wednesday night.

Angie Onkeosy (#crazyrichangie)

Sierra Rodriguez’s (RIP) prediction has come true. “It was bound to happen. I enjoyed my experience, but I wish I made more t-shirts. Also, everyone here is a snake,” Onkeosy said. She requested that readers follow her Instagram [@angelinaonkeosy]. 

Ian Krueger (#investinian)

Krueger is proud of what the group is accomplishing. “It was a lot of fun. We’re smashing a lot of records this year. Even though I got out, we set a high standard,” he said.

   Kaitlyn Meyer (#kaitWINmeyer) has continued to make strong bonds with her fellow contestants. “I’m gonna miss Ian. I really liked hanging out with him. We were the last two people standing during the elimination and I had such mixed emotions,” she said. 

Gavin Hardy (#Gains4Gavin)

Hardy was nonchalant about his elimination and has no regrets. “I’m not doing bad. Not doing good. I’m sad to leave but I’m glad to go back home. I played all my cards right. It’s for charity and it’s a game. We’re doing really well this year,” he said. 

Falling outs

Strategies like sharing money can be necessary in order to survive eliminations. However, some people are more reliable than others.

   “Some alliances broke. Kellen just didn’t follow through,” Noah Boggs (#bucksforboggs) said. Kellen Townsend (#kash4kellen) declined to comment, but at least was present at Wednesday’s dinner. 

 “I feel bad, but you gotta play the game. We did some people dirty, but we’re still here,” Claire Vellinga (#coldcash4claire) said. 

Hidden talent (or luck?)

Jessie Servis’ (#jessieaturservis) balancing skills let her live to see another day. “I thought I was going home. The only reason I didn’t was because I won the challenge. I was $31 away from Gavin,” she said.

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