Six songs for a cold, rainy day


Mark Cosgrove

Living in Michigan, getting used to frequent weather changes is a necessity. Michigan seems to like to play a little game where it gives us a few days of fun in the sun. Then BAM! The next day is 34 degrees and sleeting.

For example, Sunday, April 16, was 75 degrees, clear skies, and sun galore. Then BAM! Monday was 33 degrees and raining.

Days like these can have a hammering effect on one’s mood. Music is one of the best ways to feel and then let go of those feelings. As an antidote to the rainy day blues, I’ve chosen three songs that I believe will help one feel and embrace the rainy day. The second three songs are upbeat songs that will help conquer the gloom that comes along with a rainy day.

These six songs are the best antidote to the disease of a cold, rainy day.

Songs to feel the rain:

Song 1: Vienna – Billy Joel
The piano man himself, Billy Joel, is an incredible artist. I’ve known ever since the first time I heard his voice in our 2008 Hyundai Entourage. “Vienna” is one of Billy Joel’s best songs. It’s extremely comforting when in a low spot. With lyrics like “You can’t be everything you want to be before your time,” the song makes listeners feel like where they are in their life is ok. “Vienna” makes the listener feel like it’s ok not to be ok. “Vienna” tells listeners that everything will be ok. The message of “Vienna” is exactly what is needed on a cold, rainy day.

Song 2: My Way – Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra will forever and always be one of my favorite artists. I even named my Hyundai Sonata “Frank Sonata” in his honor. His voice is incredibly soothing and his vibrato personally inspires my own musical endeavors. “My Way” is a perfect example of what makes Frank Sinatra so amazing. Something about “My Way”, especially in the rain, just makes the listener feel… powerful. “My Way” makes the listener feel power over their own lives.


Song 3: One Day at a Time – Jermey Voltz
“One Day at a time” is an inspirational song. The song has personally got me through many a rough night. The acoustic guitar picking pattern and beautiful vocals can soothe a stressed, crowded mind into a state of equilibrium. “Walk out in the rain and say that I am strong enough to live this life. Just take it one day at a time.” These lyrics by Voltz can be what listeners need to push them through a rainy day.

Songs to beat the rain:

Song 4: Save it for a Rainy Day – Stephen Bishop
“Save it for a rainy day” by Stephen Bishop is the perfect song to transition from feeling down in the rain to dancing in it. The optimistic nature of “Save it for a rainy day” is exactly what listeners need to get them out of the rainy day funk. The funky beat and rhythm of this 70s style song kills those rainy day blues and brings out the sunshine


Song 5: Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest
A high school couple is driving home late at night. They’re tired and it’s raining. Their “rainy day” playlist on spotify is on shuffle. Both people are feeling the typical rainy day blues. But then, the sound of a familiar keyboard comes over the speakers. It’s the sound of King Harvest’s keys and their sweet sweet voices. Suddenly the rainy day blues disappear. The couple pull the car into an empty parking lot, get out, and begin to dance. Now they truly are “Dancing in the Moonlight.”


Song 6: Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder
“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder is the epitome of a song that can turn one’s mood around. “Sir Duke” actually describes exactly what makes music so incredible. “Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand. With an equal opportunity, for all to sing, dance and clap their hands”. The marching band style big brass sound that is featured in “Sir Duke” is an auditory representation of dopamine. Listen to “Sir Duke” by King Harvest and your rainy day blues will be no more.


Listen to the songs “Vienna”, “My Way”, and “One Day at a Time” to truly feel the cold, rainy day. Then listen to the songs “Save it for a Rainy Day”, “Dancing in the Moonlight”, and “Sir Duke” to conquer the rainy day. These 6 songs are a perfectly prescribed antidote to the disease of rainy day blues.