WO’s Best Dressed


Mac Strobel


In this school of fashionistas, these are the students that stood out.

Unpictured Freshman Guys: Voting for freshman guys was broadly spread leading to no individual winner.

Freshman Girl: Miranda Garcia


“Miranda is always well dressed, she gets tons of compliments when I’m around. I look forward to seeing what she wears, she has a bright fashion and looks good all the time¨ Frosh. Juliana Shattuck said.


Sophomore Boy: Jhovany Rodriguez

“Jhovany is cool and fashion savvy. He takes a lot of his inspiration from the Kardashians. I see him look at fashion blogs all the time,¨  Soph. Chris Guerrero said.

Sophomore Girl: Ayisha Afrik


“Ayisha is the best-dressed person I know! She is so sweet and classy, and so are her outfits,” Jr. Caroline Sisson said.


Junior Boy: Dre Solorzano


¨Dre definitely has a unique fashion. His style is almost hip in a way, he dresses with the usual long sleeve button up shirt, either plaid or a solid color, and a hoodie sometimes either underneath or above. He also has a beanie on and uses a variety of pants and shoes. He also always seems to be trying to match because his outfit looks as very planned out and fashionable . This is pretty unusual most days because all you see is either shorts or just beige pants and people go off to school, but Dre always makes it look nice,¨ Jr. Armando Vera said.
 Junior Girl: Jayla VanMaurick

Jayla always has really good layers and her colors go really well. She always dresses really nice, I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen her in sweatpants,” Sr. Mitch Frauenheim said.

Senior Boy: Matt Scheneman


“Matt looks like he just walked out of a fashion magazine,” Sr. Chase Spooner said.

Senior Girl: Victoria Akavong


¨Victoria makes both dressing down and dressing up look good,¨ Sr. Katalina Anongdeth said.