Alumni share their IB experience

Caitlin Walsh

On Thursday, December 17, WOHS Alumni who took part in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) came to speak about their experiences to interested underclassman. The IB program is designed as a two-year education for setting high standards and highlighting creative and critical thinking at a college-level. IB students are able to cope with demanding workloads, managing their time and meeting the expectations placed on them.

Freshmen, sophomores, and current IB students gathered for the meeting in room A201 during seminar. As the alumni spoke in the front of the room, the students sat shoulder to shoulder, enthusiastic to hear what they have to say about the program.

The IB diploma must be earned which is no easy task due to the abundance of mandatory readings, the work outside of class, and the required 4,000 word extended essay. The alumni believe the program is definitely do-able for everyone, and their best advice is “never procrastinate and learn how to prioritize wisely.”

IB promotes better focus, collaboration, critical and independent thinking, expanded horizons, and discipline. Colleges search for IB candidates because of the many developed skills one takes from the program.

The alumni confessed their times of doubt and desire of giving up, but maintained that having continued the program was a proud accomplishment. They believed the long term benefits of IB outweighed any kind of disbelief. Staying positive, accepting the challenges IB holds, and moving on are the keys to an improved experience. “When you’re feeling overwhelmed, let yourself cry for an hour, then get straight back to work,” Alumni Sunny Hough said. The alumni recommend future participants to have a stress-relieving activity such as exercise or hobbies to help get through the toughest moments.

“The alumni were very honest and they brought up good points on why people should consider the IB program. I’m set on doing IB because I think it will expand my mind more than AP classes. I like how IB connects ideas from different classes and I think I will learn better from that,” Soph. Juliana Malinowski said. IB’s method of learning is best for students who prefer discussions and thrive in a demanding environment. Students that are up to the challenge, possess determination, and desire to exceed in their education should consider the IB Diploma Programme.