The conformist hipster

Julia Woods

Being labeled a hipster is something many teenagers have come to covet. Being a hipster is not an entity to strive toward, but a respected label that is bestowed on one’s self by not conforming to societal pressures to think, act, or dress one way. Being a hipster means being true to one’s self.

When everyone wants to obtain this lofty goal of being a hipster, who is left to be the general society? Is “hipster” the new normal that everyone is trying to conform to? It is undeniable that shopping at thrift stores and wearing excessive amounts of denim have become increasingly popular as “hipster” activities. Will hipsters be distinguishable from the rest basic of society?

As the the hipster trend becomes increasingly popular, more teenagers feel the need to conform to the hipster identity. For a trend that is centered around progressive thinking and uniqueness away from the conformist world, it has become a very conformist label.

   As so many people strive toward the goal of becoming a hipster, the trend will more than likely become over saturated and die out. Hipster by definition means one that is thinking ahead of the community they are in, but with an increase in the label’s popularity, it has been shifted into an entity that is the opposite of the label’s true meaning.