You know you’re a senior if…


Brandon Pohl

You know you’re a 2017 senior if…


You haven’t done any homework since spring break.

Mr. Taylor followed you on social media.

You can’t remember the last time you showed up to first hour on time.

You keep thinking about all your “lasts.”

You get more sleep at school than at night.

You have taken up the habit of wandering into classes that aren’t yours.

Your PRIDE score now matters more than your GPA because you really don’t want to take an exam.

You don’t feel guilty about not doing your work.

You start not bringing your backpack to school.

You wonder if you were as awful as today’s freshmen.

You’ve started bargaining with teachers about your grades.

You wonder if you’re going to see any of these people again.

You’ve seen Z-money slide for 4 years.

You spent all day in the north gym freshmen year because of a bomb threat.
Your class will always be better than the class of ‘16.