Rarest Pokémon at WO

Mackenzie Rockford

  On a warm summer day, Sr. Jojo Gager was a passenger in her mom’s car when a Squirtle showed up on her phone. Gager was playing Pokémon Go. On a busy street, Gager made her mom pull the car over to catch the Squirtle. Her mom didn’t know what was going on, but Jojo desperately wanted to catch the Pokémon. After several attempts, the Squirtle escaped. Fortunately, others have had better luck at catching Pokémon than Gager.

  One avid Pokémon Go player is Soph. Cory Ives. Ives is on level 21, which means that he has been playing Pokémon for a long time. Ives was biking around his neighborhood when a Scyther showed up on his nearby list. Ives raced off to catch it. Using many raspberries and great balls, he succeeded. Scyther is a very rare Pokémon, so Ives was extremely excited that he caught it.  “I had been trying to catch a Scyther for a long time, so this was a big accomplishment,” Ives said.

  Frosh. Owen Hayes is also a current Pokémon Go player. Hayes is on level 24. One day, Hayes was hunting for Pokémon when he came across a Dragonite. Hayes had to use 6 raspberries and 20 great balls to try to catch it. Hayes finally caught it with a regular pokeball. Hayes felt a “sense of accomplishment” when he caught the Dragonite. “I finally caught the Dragonite at 5 am,” Hayes said.  Catching a Dragonite sure takes dedication.

  Frosh. Joshua Bernstein is a current player and is on level 19. Bernstein’s rarest Pokémon is a Dratini. Bernstein caught the Dratini by going at the park. He saw the Dratini on his screen and he ran off to catch it. “My sister didn’t know what I was doing,” Bernstein said.  After 3 tries he finally caught the Dratini. Bernstein felt “amazing” about his awesome catch.

   Metro News ranks Dragonite as one of the 11 rarest Pokémon.  Bernstein’s Dratini is a less evolved version of Dragonite, which means that Dragonite is more rare. This left the competition between Hayes’ Dragonite and Ives’ Scyther.  Metro News makes no mention of Scyther as one of the 11 rarest Pokémon.

  The results are in: The rarest Pokémon at WO is a Dragonite.