WO hole-in-one stories

Mac Strobel

   12,500 to 1. These are the odds of the average golfer hitting a hole in one. But every once in awhile the odds are defied and the perfect shot becomes a reality.

  Hole # 6, par 3, Wuskowhan Players Club  

  Jr. Justin Anair explains the situation. “I was caddying for a guy when he hit a beautiful shot. It bounced on the front of a green with the hole at the back of it. In the first 100 yards when we were walking up we didn’t see the ball. I told him that I thought it might have gone in but he quickly responded telling me not to say that. When we finally got up there we just looked in the hole and saw the ball sitting in the cup. He wasn’t really going crazy when he saw it either, despite it being his first one, he just kind of said, ‘Well, I guess I wanted one before I died.’”

  Hole #7, par 3, Macatawa Legends

Instructor Ken Strobel describes what happened. “A couple years ago on the 7th hole at Mac Legends, Mr. Heavilin hit a beautiful shot. The hole’s pretty long, something like 190 yards, and we couldn’t see the hole itself very well. On the way to the green, someone suggested that the shot might have dropped in, but another guy with us very confidently said something like, ‘That didn’t go in. It rolled a long way past.’ He was wrong. That’s the only hole in one I’ve ever seen.”

  Hole #6, par 3,  West Ottawa Golf Club.  

Ron Lindstrom spoke about his experience. “A large group of 16 of us (4-foursomes) were playing.  The hole was playing at 156 yards and I chose to hit an 8-iron.  I knew almost immediately after I hit it, it was going to be close as I watched it draw in the air towards the pin. It hit the front of the green and curled right to left towards the hole for about 6 feet before it disappeared. I without thinking and COMPLETELY filled with adrenaline, which had surged through me instantly, turned and bent down to pick up my buddy at the knees and hoist him in the air walking around for several seconds celebrating. Crazy as it sounds my buddy is 6″2′ and weighs about 290 lbs.  In that moment, he was light as a feather!…..A day I will never forget.”
  Golf is not the only sport where a hole in one is a possibility. Disc golf potentially provides a greater chance for a hole in one.

  Hole #12, par 3, Winstrom Park

   I, myself, witnessed a hole in one. I was playing with Frosh. Derek McNitt and my brother Tate Strobel. We had been playing pretty well that day even with the heat. Coming off of a good last hole we let Tate shoot first. He pulled out his favorite disc and stared down the straight dirt path leading to the basket. He wound his arm back and threw an arcing shot that slowly neared the basket. With a clang of the chains, it dropped into the metal basket. We all let out a whoop of surprise and were instantly in a good mood. McNitt jokingly said, “That’s not even hard.” He stepped up to the tee box, positioned himself, and threw what looked like the same shot as it soared through the air. Our eyes widened in disbelief as the disc got closer. To our disappointment, it was a couple inches too low and banged off the basket.

  Those looking for an easy hole in one, should try out  putt-putt golf.

  Hole #1, par 1, Ludington putt-putt golf

Instructor Nate Townsend recounts his experience. “I was playing putt-putt golf in Ludington and the first hole had a long track leading from the top green to an unconnected bottom green. I was allowed to go first. I hit a shot that slowly entered the half-pipe track that held the ball as it rolled down to the bottom green. It bounced out of the pipe and rolled in the cup for a hole in one. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until everyone else in my group did the exact same thing. We then took a ball back up to the top and tested the pipe only to find out that it was literally designed to give a hole in one.”