Spring Break stories

Essau Quijano

This year students took advantage of Spring Break, and went out to create memories for the rest of their lives.

  Sr. Duncan Lackner took a trip to Chicago with a group of friends, and it was an experience he wasn’t going to forget for his last high school Spring Break. “On the way to Chicago, everything was smooth, and as soon as we got there, we just walked all over the city. We visited all the amazing stores, and spent the majority of our money on food. It wasn’t until when we were on our way back where things took a turn for the worst. With only an hour away from reaching our warm beds, something blew a hole on the side of the tire. We had everything we needed besides the tire iron. We were stranded for about an hour until someone came with all the tools we needed to get the spare on. Everything was fine afterwards. Unfortunately, it took almost another hour to get home since we couldn’t drive over 50 mph on the spare. Overall, it was a great trip, and it’s something I’m going to remember.” After this, hopefully, Lackner will be more prepared when it comes to going on road trips or maybe even having a more reliable source of transportation.

  Coming home wasn’t a problem for Sr. Alex Fernandez. His experience was an event he will remember, and mostly likely rethink his future decisions. “This Spring Break I decided not to go anywhere, I just stayed home and occasionally worked. It wasn’t that exciting, until I went up north with some friends to a park, where they had a small lake and a tiny cliff dive. All the ice was melted at the time, and we were able to swim in it if we wanted to. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any swim suits or towels, so swimming was out of the question. At lunch, we played a game called what are the chances. If we say the same number, then we were expected to do whatever the dare was. Of course, someone asked me what were the chances that I would jump of the cliff into the freezing water. We guessed the same number, so I had to do the dare. No towels or swimsuit, and I was thinking to myself why would I play this game or why am I even doing this. But, since I’m a man of my word, I took the plunge, and as soon as I jumped in – I couldn’t feel my feet. As soon as I got out of the water, I ran to the car, turned on the heater, and grabbed my blanket. I will never do that in my life again.”

  Sr. Sally Davis probably has one of the craziest Spring Break stories. She describes her late night adventure as being homeless for the night. “It started when we left Fort Walton Beach on a bus then arrived in Lake City. We weren’t actually supposed to be at Lake City, and we couldn’t go any further to the next city because we didn’t pay money for the ticket. So, we were stranded where there was literally only four people. No bus station, hotel, or any sort of transportation. So, we found a park that was around the corner, and just sat there trying to find the nearest hotel. We got a taxi, and drove to the next big city where there were more people, hotels, and food. We walked around trying to find a place to sleep, but some were already booked. Once we found a place to sleep, we settled in until I heard screaming. It was my friend Drew that was next to me yelling on the top of her lungs. She said that she had a cockroach crawling on her shoulder, so I flipped the pillow, and just saw it dangling on its own. It was the size of a jumbo chalk crayon. We walked down to the office where we asked if we could get a different room. We checked out 3 different rooms, but none were nice, and there was always something wrong. So, we got a refund and left. Unfortunately, it was 2 in the morning, and we were walking around trying to find somewhere to sleep, but all the hotels were booked. We finally found a place to stay with no roaches, but on the way there was a car that was following Drew and I, and they started yelling at us. As soon as we lost them, we ran inside the hotel where we finally slept, and we were safe. It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve had, and I won’t forget it.”

  Now that Spring Break is over, these seniors acknowledge they had an experience of a lifetime. With students going off to college next year, who knows what’s going to happen when they’re into their college Spring Break. Hopefully more stories to come, and more exciting memories they’ll have for the rest of their lives.