Dance Marathon Misconceptions

Mitch Frauenheim

Jr. Justin Anair was blasted with music as he entered the North cafeteria.  He was conscious of the fact that he is no Michael Jackson on the dance floor, but was willing to break out his moves for a great cause.  Like many other students, Anair was worried about attending last year’s Dance Marathon.  Not only was he nervous about the dancing, but he most certainly did not want to run a marathon.  Many misconceptions exist regarding Dance Marathon, and students who are still considering attending should know the facts.


Myth: Dance Marathon is a traditional school dance.

  Dance marathon is not, in fact, a traditional school dance.  It is a six hour event in which students learn a choreographed dance, make crafts for the patients, and hear stories from patients of Helen Devos Children’s Hospital.  The goal for the night is to raise money for the hospital, learn more about what they do, and have a great time.


Myth: Dance Marathon is an actual marathon

  Seriously?  No, there is no 26.2 mile race involved in Dance Marathon.


Myth: Only National Honor Society members can go to Dance Marathon

  As National Honor Society organizes this event, some believe that only members of NHS can participate in Dance Marathon.  However, any West Ottawa student may participate. Anyone can still sign up, but will have to purchase a Dance Marathon t-shirt at the event. Sizes will be limited.


Myth: Participants have to raise a certain amount of money to attend Dance Marathon

  While it is not required, fundraising is highly recommended.  The fundraising goal for this year’s event is $20,000. This goal should definitely be achieved this year.  Last year, West Ottawa students raised over $16,000.  The year before, they raised around $21,500.  Any amount counts!


Fact: Dance Marathon is for the kids!

  All the profits from Dance Marathon go straight to Helen Devos so that they can better help their patients.  They provide amazing opportunities for kids and have excellent service.  So sign up, fundraise, and have a great time!