Relieving stress, one song at a time


Kenzie Aldrich looks at her music library in frustration.

Christopher Guererro

Frosh. Kenzie Aldrich lies in her bed in search of the perfect song on her phone. She loves The Weeknd, but she’s tired of him. She likes listening to Troye Sivan, but she isn’t in the mood for it, and she loves Zayn, but his new album isn’t released until later in the year. For others going through the same problem as Aldrich, here are 14 Artists that are worth a listen. [Editor’s note: Some songs listed below include lyrics intended for a mature audience]

  1. “Different” – The Academic

  Compared to many artists, this song is very different in a way that it brings back old garage-band music vibes. The song starts out with a catchy upbeat tune that gets one’s heart pumping, gets you up and dancing. “Different” is the type of song that would be heard at a house party.

      2. “Waiting Game” – Banks

  Dark, calm, and sensational all describe the song “Waiting Game” featured on the Divergent soundtrack. The song is very slow, but the beat in the background makes the song one of the best tracks on this list. “I like this song, it has a good beat and it gives me sort of a Lana Del Rey vibe, and I love Lana’s Music,” said Soph. Karina Gamboa. Other artists like Banks are Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Melanie Martinez.

      3. “Wildfire” – Beans

  This is a happy break-up song in which the vocalist sings of being set free from her relationship that may not have gone so well. The song stays loud with playful beats that will leave you feeling optimistic and joyful. With less than 220,000 listens on Spotify “Wildfire” keeps you up and movin’ around. If you like artists like Fifth Harmony, Bea Miller, and Tori Kelly, this song will have you dancing around like a wildfire.

       4. “L.A.F” – Broods

 Featured on the Fifa 15 soundtrack, “L.A.F” is a gleeful and upbeat song that is unique in its own way. Created by brother and sister Georgia and Caleb Nott, “L.A.F” will have you play the song on repeat on your phone until even your family and friends ask you if you are mentally stable. Other artists like Banks are Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Melanie Martinez.

       5. “Every Moment” – Dead Times

 Like any indie electronic duo, Dead Times provides listeners the hip eccentric pop vibe many artists like Brika, Broods, and Vaults provide to their audience. “Every Moment” lures music lovers in with every word sang next.

      6. “Let’s Get Started” – Dylan Gardner

Beatles-Inspired, the song “Let’s Get Started” is a fast and musically thrilling song that is sure to get you up and moving. “Out of this whole list, the Song ‘Let’s Get Started’ stood out to me the most because, it was more modern and pop,” said Frosh. Joanna Huerta. “Let’s Get Started” is the type of song to jump and hop around too. Similar Artists to Dylan Gardner are, of course, the Beatles, Grizfolk and Vinyl Pinups.

      7. “Simple As This” – Jake Bugg

  Featured on the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and inspired by the Brother Gallagher, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix, Jake Bugg wrote the song “Simple As This”. Although very soft and mellow, the song is epic, lush, and rhythmic. This is probably the song both you and your Grandma could listen to and complete daily chores with.

      8. “Closer” – Lemaitre (feat. Jennie A)

 Starting out with sharp vocals, “Closer” keeps the rhythm going with a variety of instruments. “Closer” is the type of song you would hear on a dramatic romance film. Although the song is classified as electronic, it has a very deep pop vibe over the mood of the song and lyrics. Artists alike to Lemaitre are Disclosure, Zedd, and Team Me.

      9. “Got It” – Marian Hill

 Purely voice and a beat, “Got It” by Marian Hill is a unique song on this list. Lasting only 3 minutes and 12 seconds, the song reels you into a completely different environment with it different beats and new sounds. Marian Hill is often put in the same category of music like Broods, Banks, and Jaymes Young.

      10. “What Am I Becoming?” – POP ETC

 Similar to artists like White Rabbits, Matt and Kim, and Dylan Gardner, “What Am I Becoming?” shows how indie rock is fun and lively genre. The song keeps the lyrics clean and keeps the beats new, crisp, and modern with music ready to be rocked out at a party.

      11. “My Type” – Saint Motel

 “My Type” brings the saxophone out and takes an 80’s spin on a very modern, yet funky song. Saint Motel is one of the very few artists who can pull off taking a new song and turning it into a song your folks might’ve listened to back in the day. Saint Motel is similar to artists such as Capital Cities, WALK THE MOON, and Foster the People.

      12. “Arrest Me” – Shy Girls (feat. Tei Shi)

 “Arrest Me” has very sensual lyrics while maintaining a cool and deep vibe. While dark and mysterious, “Arrest Me” is a very laid back song with soothing vocals and an energetic pulse that will take one back to a night with someone special. Arctic Monkeys, Zayn, and The Weeknd all have similar music that is sounding close to Shy Girls.

      13. “New Bohemia” – Transviolent

 Similar to many iconic artists like Troye Sivan, Halsey, and Sia, Transviolent get their own take on the pop eccentric effect many music enthusiasts look for. “New Bohemia” brings new lively tunes and happy melodies.

      14. “Buttons” – The Weeks

   2000’ pop-punk bands like The Weeks is what you might be missing about the earlier years of your life. “Buttons” is indie pop-rock song and has garage-band tunes and is the song someone would jamming out with their friends and others at a get-together.

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