What can you buy with a college tuition?


Bri O'Dell

It was the final days until graduation, and she continuously greeted customers one at a time, scanning their products, reminding herself that she needed the money. She rushed home only to realize that her electricity got turned off. Sitting at the candle lit table, holding back the tears, she began crunching the numbers, trying to balance her account. Working a minimum wage job, studying all night, and trying to pay for the outrageous four year tuition is a typical college student’s life. On average, students who attend a D2 university pay around $77,752 for four years of schooling. If $77,752 can buy four years of college, what else can it buy?

According to Discover news, the 1950’s Batmobile would cost $13,604. With $77,752, one could buy the one and only batmobile! Imagine, driving down Ottawa Beach Road in a 1950’s Studebaker Wayne classic, stocked with cabinets, a work stool, and a counter. Other features on the car include a steel “knife edge” nose to cut through barriers, a roof mounted searchlight that could double as a Bat Signal projector, a plastic canopy/windshield, rocket thrusters, and on-board television and radar screens. Not only can $77,752 afford one bat mobile, but it can afford six batmobiles!

Unlike Kim Kardashian’s $405,000 wedding, most Americans spend on average less than $10,000 dollars on their wedding.  Ladies, this means you could buy five wedding dresses at an average price of $1,281 and still have $71,347 dollars to spend on your wedding. Gentlemen, after the five wedding dresses your fiance bought, you can still afford to spend well over $4,000 on your last night of freedom with your buddies. Even after the five wedding dresses and $4,000 bachelor party, you would still have $67,347 towards the big day.

Now that weddings are out of the way, it’s time for presents. As of January 9 2016, Air Jordan 2 “Radio Raheem”s were released to the public starting at $170.00. Those who don’t know, Jordans are one of the top selling shoes for recreational use as well as basketball. One could buy 456 pairs of Air Jordans. What in the world would someone do with 456 pairs of shoes? Maybe 456 is an unreasonable number. With $77,752 dollars, one can buy a pair of Jordans to wear to any courtside NBA basketball game of your choosing. The most expensive basketball game was held on Christmas Day for the return of Lebron James to the American Airlines Arena. Courtside tickets to attend this event costed approximately $25,138.00 plus the $170.00 shoes. That leaves $25,308 remaining for food, a hotel room, and a first class seat back home.

While spending $77,752 dollars on a basketball game may seem unimaginably fun, imagine being able to rent a private jet. A medium sized business jet charges about $3,388 per hour. At that rate, the jet could be rented out for 24 hours in exchange for college tuition money. One could fly to any destination in record time as well as hang out at that location for the entire day. Rather than going to a stuffy lecture hall, why not travel to a seclusive island where only the ocean breeze and shining sun can touch you? It would be pure bliss.

Instead of going away to relax, why not put an indoor pool and spa in your house? According to local contractors, an indoor pool and spa would cost roughly $45,000. Included with the pool and spa would be a dehumidifier system, lighting, water purifier, concrete interior, diving board, massage room, and a spa bath with customized heating. After buying the pool, one would still have $32,752 to maintain as well as add to their personal spa.

$77,752 dollars is a basic four year tuition at an average university. If $77,752 is only four years worth of tuition, imagine how much more money is being deposited for those who strive towards a masters or even doctorate. Are the extra four years worth the money?