Crazy cookie competition

Allie Buikema and Emily Kercher

The sweet sugary taste of a warm cookie fresh out of the oven, the fresh comforting smell of happiness coming from the kitchen, and the memories to be made while crafting these decadent treats is enough to bring people together and make the time spent worthwhile. Cookies are a magnificent addition to any snowy day over the gloomy Michigan winter months. They’re not only tasty, but making them can take up time and provide something to do while outdoor activities seem unreasonable. The cold winter days seem to have an effect on the types of cookies that get baked during this season as appetites change.

The chocolate thumbprint cookie was the most favored cookie among the students that tried all of the cookies, with it’s multi-flavorful affect. The cookie won over the students morning taste buds. The cookie is soft and the walnuts on the outside are cooked to a soft, light bake. Once the cookies are removed from the oven, a small chocolate chip is placed on the top to finish it; the students all agreed that was the perfect touch to push the tasty treats value over the edge. They are a small bite sized snack, good for a quick light snack, but not a light taste. Eating the cookie is only half the fun, as making them turns out to be a very fun and creative process as well. The dough is cooled so the whole baking time totals up to be the longest out of all of the cookies, and the chopped crunchy walnut coating mixes perfectly with the smooth vanilla  icing. What really brings all the sweet rich flavors together are the half melted dark chocolate chips at the end that add a mouth watering burst of flavor. This cookie is definitely a cookie to try over the winter!

For those people that would prefer vanilla to chocolate, the Almond Shortbread thumbprints fit better for their tastes. These cookies are light and crumbly; they have jelly in the middle so there’s a gooey candied substance to them as well. The shortbread leaves a sweet powdery taste in the mouth, and the raspberry jam in the middle compliments the vanilla perfectly. Shortbread is known to be crumbly and dry, but the icing and jelly level that out and mix the cookie together with every mesmerizing bite. Making the cookies is simple, fun, and also fairly quick. Kids could enjoy helping to make this cookies because they are iced as well. Unfortunately this cookie was ranked last in the competition, but that’s not to say it didn’t have supporters. A cookie guaranteed to cure a sweet tooth and leave the baker satisfied with pretty little delicacies in their kitchen.

To the people who enjoy a timeless classic, this chocolate chip cookie recipe is for you. These melt- in -the -mouth cookies are perfect for any time of the year. Chocolate chip cookies are a relatively easy cookie to make and don’t require a lot of time and effort. Paired with a cold glass of milk, chocolate chip cookies are the perfect go-to after school/work treat. These cookies are gooey and soft and truly do melt in your mouth. The amazing quality about chocolate chip cookies is that they can be frozen and defrosted at a later date in order to preserve them, and they still taste great. The chocolate chip cookies placed second out of the four cookies. These cookies do not contain nuts, so if nuts are a concern, then don’t be worried.
The classic sugar cookie are perfect for cookie decorating during the holidays and gifting to loved ones. These cookies are very hard to screw up, which is perfect for those who are not so talented in the kitchen. Sugar cookies can be eaten plain or can be spruced up with some delicious cream cheese frosting. Add a little food coloring to the icing and some sprinkles and these are the perfectly dressed holiday cookie. These cookies placed third in the cookie competition and were a general crowd pleaser. These cookies are super fun to make with youngsters because they can be cut into various shapes with cookie cutters and decorated in never ending ways.  Similar to the chocolate chip cookies, these cookies can also be frozen and still delicious a month later. Unlike some sugar cookies, these scrumptious cookies are very soft, and not dry and tasteless like some sugar cookies are known to be. Definitely a cookie to try especially during the holidays.