Holland 7 theater advances to recliner seating


Caitlin Walsh

Get the popcorn, dim the lights, and stretch your legs. A snug experience awaits in Holland 7 theater. It’s no longer tempting to rest your feet on the seat in front of you, all thanks to the recent improvement.

  Goodrich Quality Holland 7 theater upgraded their seating to new, sought-after recliner chairs. The seats are smooth, soft, comfortable, and obviously, reclinable just with the touch of a button.

  Jason Ealy, a Holland 7 general manager, shared his insight of the recliners. “We want to make the seats as comfortable as possible, so we figure better seats will get more people to come to our theater. The new chairs are definitely a lot nicer and a lot more labor intensive to clean than what we’ve ever had.”

  Only theater five has been outfitted with the upgrade, but the remaining six will eventually follow.

   “I’m really glad they replaced the chairs with the new recliners at the theater. I always worry I bother the people in front me of me for putting my feet on top of their chair, but now I don’t have to worry about it,” Jr. Raina Piersma said.

  Not only has Holland 7 decided to upgrade the seats, but other theaters are adapting to the popular recliners all throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. However, due to the size of the massive chairs, half of the capacity has been eliminated; they began with 175 chairs but now only include 88.

The recliner seats are a great enhancement and should definitely be checked out. Sitting in one of these bad boys can seriously cause someone to stay for a couple more shows. 

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