Republican Stam and Democrat Woods showdown

Justin Anair and Nate Snyder

Sr. McKenna Stam is a Republican. Sr. Julia Woods is a Democrat. Put the two of them in the same room and ask the right questions, things get real interesting real fast.

Stam, a member of the Young Republicans, and Woods, a member of the Young Democrats, have a variety of opinions on our nation’s hot topics. In this series of installments, Stam and Woods will discuss an assortment of topics important to the Republican and Democratic parties, including what our nations biggest issues are.



   The biggest issue for the U.S is the problem with ISIS, and the Syrian refugees. Obviously not all refugees are terrorists. But we don’t want to risk letting terrorists in with these refugees. Another issue is how divided our nation is. Our nation is divided on almost every single “hot” topic. Trying to avoid discrimination against Syrians coming in while also being cautious about who we let in is a major issue. Terrorism in general with the bombing in Paris definitely escalated this problem and how the U.S is gonna take action is important right now. We can’t just stand by and let this escalate any further. We need to focus on defense since we haven’t been targeted by ISIS yet, and we should be well-prepared when ISIS does strike in the U.S.



   I definitely agree with McKenna that foreign policy is a major issue right now, because it’s so important that we keep the citizens in the United States safe as well as the citizens around the world. And especially analyzing things that are happening in war-torn countries, like Syria using chemical warfare. That is definitely something we need to focus in on because this will be the beginning of what we are witnessing right now. So that’s something to consider. Another issue is the growing divide between classes, because not only does the growing divide affect our economy, but it affects our general well-being of our citizens and their education. That breaks my heart.  Education is our key to being a more developed nation, so if our classes are greatly divided so are our schools. Lastly, global climate change is a major issue. If the earth can’t sustain us we won’t be able to live on it. It’s as simple as that.


More discussions on important political topics will be revealed within the next few days. Check back in on Monday, December 14th for another installment.