10 ways to relieve stress


Justin Anair, Junior here at WO, visibly stressed out

Emily Kercher

This far into the school year, the classes are rolling and the grade books are beginning to collect scores. That means that stress of assignments and the pressure of grades is also beginning to set in for students. Being a teenager is difficult enough, and school does not usually help to relieve that stress. However, there are some things that students can do to try to reduce that feeling and keep all priorities in line. This list can remind you of some things to keep in check and mindsets that could be beneficial in the long run.

  1. The checklist: It is important to keep a list of priorities, whether it’s making reminders on your phone, or actually writing out what needs to be done and by when. Either way, keeping track and checking off things to do every day is a surefire way to keep the stress levels down. As long as you follow the list daily, you don’t have to worry about late assignments and unexpected tests.
  2. Me time: Setting aside even 10-15 minutes everyday is vital to making sure you stay levelheaded. Make sure that the time you spend is restful; it will pay off when you really need to work hard.
  3. Eat right: What one puts into one’s body is what one gets out. If one eats a donut, one can’t expect to be fully productive. If one eats an apple instead, it’ll fuel one with the energy one needs to get tasks done and get them done right. Choosing the healthy choice will brighten one’s mood, if one looks at situations in a more positive light, one will be more likely to handle them correctly.
  4. Drink water: and lots of it. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is half of one’s body weight in ounces. Water is a human’s best friend in times like these. Stressed about acne? Drink water. Light headed and tired? Drink water. Bored? DRINK WATER. It keeps one at the height of one’s potential and one’s body will appreciate the favor.
  5. Stay clean: Nothing sounds better after a long day than a nice warm relaxing shower. Showers are not only a good way to stay clean but they’re a nice place to reflect on the day, and to straighten out jumbled up thoughts. A warm shower can release tension in one’s neck, which is caused often by stress, and help out when one is ready to sleep.
  6. Improve your attitude: If one constantly spreads positivity, then people will respond positively. With a positive circle of people around one will keep one’s spirits high. One might feel like people will support and lift one up no matter what.
  7. Spend time with animals: A friendly dog or a playful kitty can be the difference between having a rough night after school or being able to smile. Animals are wonderful at taking one’s mind off of hardships.
  8. Realize that life happens: Accept that sometimes the due date does not work. It’s okay to be late because one ran out of gas. If hungry, it is okay to make food and be late; it is a part of life. Make sure to put things into perspective. Never think that anyone is perfect. Mistakes are allowed, and every once in awhile it is okay to make a mistake on day to day things like being on time.
  9. Dress how you want: For some people, what they wear everyday can make or break their day. As long as one’s dressing in things that one likes to wear, one does not have to worry about how other people see it. It is important to express one’s self in this manner and to enjoy doing so.
  10. Exercise: Yes, people have been saying 30 minutes everyday is good for years now, and they’re completely correct. Exercising will boost confidence and release endorphins. If one’s angry or stressed, going for a run with one’s favorite music will  help cool down one’s emotions. Even making a schedule to run every other day can be very beneficial to one’s body! A few squats here and there and maybe some crunches never hurt anybody!

One has to keep one’s self in check. Keep priorities in line and organize one’s days. It’s a terrible feeling to wake up one day and realize one’s room is (and has been) a mess for weeks, one’s falling behind in assignments, or one has formed horrible eating habits; it feels terrible. Instead, it’s rejuvenating to wake up to a positive mindset and a healthy outlook for the day. Being able to reflect on one’s hard work and reap the benefits of all of one’s effort is satisfying. Feeling productive is a relieving way to fall asleep, and an even better way to wake up too.