WO sneakerheads

Ben Riley, Kevin Maas, and Noah Boggs

There are plenty of flashy shoes walking the halls of our school, here are three of the most notable. 

   Sr. Caleb Louks

   Louks has a pair of Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3s. According to Louks, the special thing about these shoes is that they are Bluetooth. 

   They track your steps, stride length, cadence, and distance. The shoes also have a certain amount of memory in case they aren’t connected to your phone. For example, if you walked two miles, but you didn’t have your phone with you, when you reconnect your phone, it will upload that data.                 

   Through the free UA app, you can also get personal coaching tips for running. Other data that it tracks includes the average angle that your foot strikes the ground and how many minutes it takes per mile you run. 

   It is apparent that Louks is quite high on his shoes, and rightfully so. “Through the personalized coaching tips and with the help of these shoes, I have been able to adjust my running to improve my running time and my energy after my runs. I could talk about them for hours, but I’ll spare you the reading. The point is, I really like my shoes. I still have both the Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 shoes,” Louks said.    

   Sr. Jake Neitzel

     Neitzel owns some New Balance 574’s. Call it a dad shoe, but these look pretty sweet on foot. While not as technologically advanced as Louks’ Under Armours, they are much more versatile. 

  “Well with these specific shoes, there are just so many different color schemes and options you can go with. They never go wrong with an outfit either. Whether you want to wear them to a classy event or go for a run, they can handle and fit both parts. To me every step I take in these feels like I’m walking on clouds, the comfort in these shoes is astonishing and they blow every other shoe right out of the water,” Neitzel said. 

   Sr. Jack Burkholder

   A colorful take on a classic Nike silhouette, Burkholder’s Air Max 1s in the color Lemonade turn a lot of heads. 

   The shoe itself is a pale yellow with lemons on the insole, and a sliced lemon above the midsoles. 

   “I bought them on GOAT on a Monday and got them Thursday of that same week,” Burkholder said. GOAT is a popular sneaker buying and selling app that guarantees buyers that their shoes are legitimate. 

   From specialized technology, to a shoe fit for any occasion, to a shoe based around a drink, these students take pride in their sneakers. 

   Jr. Esteban Martinez

   Martinez is known around the school to wear flashy clothes and sneakers. His new addition, unlike any other shoe, is a brand collaboration Balenciaga 800 shoe.

   “They cost me around 800, so I like to wear them around school.” If you are not a sneaker-head, $800 is a lot of money for sneakers.

   Martinez also has Yeezy Zebras, and a pair of off white shoes, which combine for a total of $1000. Sneakers are obviously a big part of Martinez’s life and fashion style.

   Martinez is very proud of his sneakers, constantly rearranging his case in which he showcases them.

   Jr. Alex Spilotro

   A classic in the sneaker community, Spilotro’s Nike Air Max 97’s are sure to turn heads at West Ottawa.  

   The “triple white” design on the sneakers is a more modern take on the retro looking running shoes that were released in 1997, inspired by the silver hue of mountain bikes, according to Nike.

   “The special thing about these shoes is the comfort. I’ve never put a shoe on my feet that’s felt better and the design looks really nice too. I can wear them with any outfit and they never look out of place,” Spilotro said.

   Spilotro says he got these special shoes at shoe store Flight Club for $200. He notes they’re more expensive than most other shoes but says “they’re worth it.”