Senioritis is no joke…

Kaylyn Aulick

Senioritis is like tendinitis or appendicitis. It is a serious issue and it should be treated as such. 

   The first symptom of senioritis is an intense desire to sleep at all times. Some seniors have trouble waking up in the morning for school. Others fight valiantly to resist the urge to sleep during the school day. Some count down the minutes until they can get home to their warm beds and take a nap. 

   Another symptom is a decline in grades. Most seniors strive to do the bare minimum on their assignments. Although they may not accomplish that, they don’t pretend they will do more. They finish their assignments both so they can graduate and so their grades don’t slip enough for colleges to revoke acceptances. But they don’t do any more than they need to and therefore their grades are typically slightly worse. 

   A third senioritis symptom is a lack of motivation to complete assignments they have already started. If they began the assignment in class but needed to finish it at home, they typically don’t give it another thought after the bell rings. They just don’t feel the need to finish anything.

   The final senioritis symptom is