Pringles taste test

Ben Riley

Predictably, sometimes a bad idea turns out to be… a bad idea.

   People who question the logic behind potato chips in a tennis ball tube will also scratch their heads when they realize they can buy Pringles’ most recent failed attempt to infuse the flavor of a rotisserie chicken into those chips. 

   Five West Ottawa students searched for the most obscure Pringles flavors they could find and rated the taste. The process was simple: take a bite, rate 1-10, and describe the flavor. They are in order by average score from most bearable to barely edible.

   Cheddar and sour cream


   Cheddar and sour cream combines elements of two classic flavors: sour cream and onion, and cheddar. These chips had a smooth creamy taste, a hint of tang, and a cheesy aftertaste. A lot of the flavors scored so low due to the lack of flavor, but that was not the case with these. They were loaded with flavor, and most taste testers had no complaints about them, except for Jr. Trent Mulder. “I don’t like sour cream,” said Mulder, before tasting these chips. There was no surprise after eating one, as Mulder gave them an honest rating of one out of ten. Cheddar and sour cream is a solid flavor, however they are not for people who do not like sour cream. 

   Wavy jalapeño

   Rate: 6.8

   The only wavy Pringles flavor on this list tested quite modestly overall, but compared to other flavors in this test, it did well. The jalapeño flavor added a satisfying amount of heat, and with the additional surface area created by the waves, had a greater amount of seasoning compared to all of the other non wavy varieties. Jr. Colin Shriver describes the main drawback of wavy jalapeño Pringles. “They leave my breath terrible,” said Shriver. People who buy these should also grab a pack of gum, especially now that they have to smell their own breath. 

   Sour cream and onion

   Rate: 6.6

   No shock here, one of the most popular Pringles flavors of all time makes the top three. The only reason why they did not score above cheddar and sour cream was because taste testers felt like there was more flavoring on the superior. Again, Mulder’s one out of ten rating and hatred of sour cream greatly reduced the average, especially with there being five testers.


   Rate: 6.2

   Pringles’ take on ranch was unanticipated, and might have thrown people off. It is not the smooth, creamy ranch flavor that the testers were used to. It was overwhelmingly tangy, and was not a very accurate representation of flavor. Jr. Tyler Postma was all for the offbeat taste, and described it as “peculiar, it tastes somewhat like salt and vinegar. Ranch is the best.” Mulder however, was not so fond . “You should never make a chip flavor for a sauce or dressing. Plus, it didn’t even taste like ranch,” Mulder said. Even though it was not the best, ranch was by far not the worst, as is evident in the flavors below. 

   Dill pickle

   Rate: 5.0

   The dill flavor in these was definitely present, but the saltiness and acidity of the pickle was not there. It was a really flat tasting chip, which is why it averaged a five out of ten. Jr. Kebede Postma describes these Pringles to be “alright, they just need more flavor.” If the label on the Pringles tube just said dill, then this flavor would be spot on. There isn’t an in between with regards to pickles, people usually either love or hate them. 

   Memphis barbecue

   Rate: 4.4

   Memphis barbecue did not taste like traditional barbecue. It was not nearly as sweet, and had a distinct, smoky flavor. They tasted like pork without the sauce, and the testers got tired of eating them after only a few. Mulder, who has normally been very critical of Pringles said “I’m not a huge fan, but they were better than others.” People who consider buying these should just stick to Pringles’ regular barbecue crisp. 


   Rate: 3.8

   Pizza Pringles did not taste like pizza at all. If someone were to try these and not know what flavor they were, they would never guess it. The predominant flavor in the chip is tomato paste. All the other elements of pizza are either dulled or lost completely.  “The flavor is not joined properly,” said Shriver. For some reason though, they were very addicting. Even if Pringles makes a bad flavor, their crisps’ gratifying crunch makes up for the taste.

   Rotisserie chicken

   Rate: 3.2

   These tasted like the flavoring packets in chicken ramen, which is not appealing on a chip. They were overwhelming and salty, yet underwhelming and bland. Pringles took this flavor way too far, despite their best flavors being some of the most simple. Chicken is best served hot, not as a powder on chips.

   Honey Mustard

   Rate: 1.8

   Honey mustard Pringles were awful. They were way too sweet, with no flavors to counter the sweetness. The experience could have been better if they were spicy too, but there might not be a way to save these chips. Do not buy honey mustard Pringles. 

   Pringles are definitely not for everyone. They are starchy and artificial tasting to begin with. Combine that with the awkward shape of the crisp to make a unique snack. In the case of this Pringles taste test, that is as far as the company should take it with it’s flavors. No need for any exaggerations beyond a handful of classic flavors.