It’s time to grow up


Staff Writer

Dear disrespectful students,

As you walk through the door, my smile flattens and my eyes roll. I prepare myself for the same daily routine:

The teacher tries to get the class under control, you continue to talk. 

You are assigned work, you don’t do it.

There are disciplines to your disruptions and lack of effort, you make a fuss, claiming it isn’t fair. 

It ISN’T fair. Not for you, but for those around you.

I dread going to some classes. The teachers are fine. The work is doable. It’s the kids in those classes that make me wish I was anywhere else.

Why am I considered an above-average student? I simply listen to my teachers and do the assigned work. That, to me, sounds more like the bare minimum.

It doesn’t take much when you’re compared to distracted children.

The truth is, I should thank you… because of your immaturity, I am a star student in my classes, solely by doing what I’m told.

For 18 weeks, I’m forced to put up with your immaturity. It takes every ounce of self-control I have to not explode. To restrain myself from grabbing you by the collar and teaching you a lesson of which you obviously haven’t learned before.

Having one of your friends in a class adds a whole new aspect. Even typically good students can transform into a nuisance when a friend is around.

Although you may be having a good time, your continuous conversations are annoying and disruptive.

Not only are you harming yourself, but others too. Don’t you realize that there are other people around you? That the universe doesn’t revolve around you?

Sometimes, there are five-minute-long arguments between you and the teacher. Five minutes when I could have learned something new. Now, it will take another five minutes of my life to catch up.

I can never get that time back. You can waste your own life away, but don’t you dare waste mine.

The real issues for you disrespectful students will come later in life.

After these four short years, we will be in the real world. This should scare you. Even I am scared for you. Immaturity in the real world will cost a lot more than a change of seats or another trip to the principal’s office.

When you are struggling in the workforce because no business will hire you and you can’t keep a job, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

You may think I’m a teacher’s pet, but I’m not. I am a fun teenager that takes full advantage of being young and healthy. I like to have fun and sometimes test my limits.

The difference with me is that I know when to stop.

I’m just so sick of kids who think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. There’s a time to be idiots, and there’s a time to shut up and listen.

It’s time to grow up.