West Ottawan interview: The Addams Family

West Ottawan interview: The Addams Family

Tegan McDonald

The Addams Family is currently visiting Holland, and they are thoroughly enjoying their stay.

What do you think of Holland? 

Gomez (Alex Dannels): Unpredictable, crazy, and I love it!

Morticia (Suzy Parker): I like it better in the wintertime when everything is dead.


What is your favorite part of Holland?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): All of the weird weather events and all the kooky people.

Pugsley (Emmett Deur): Um…Picking the tulips.


Anything you would change about Holland?

Morticia (Suzy Parker): If I had my way, every house would be painted black.

Wednesday (Marissa Sanchez): Everyone is too happy. 

Grandma (Gloria Hunt): Is Holland a food? Is it a fruit?


Where are you currently staying?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): Well my son likes to say the sewers, but obviously we are living in a much more sophisticated place: a shoe!

Wednesday (Marissa Sanchez): In the shadows…


What do you think of West Ottawa High School?

Morticia (Suzy Parker): It’s high school which is wonderfully frightening.

Pugsley (Emmett Deur): I fit right in. Everybody is weird here.


What are you up to when you’re not at the PAC?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): Nothing much, more dancing, fencing, and exploring.

Grandma (Gloria Hunt): Mostly mixing potions, caring for my rat army; we will one day take over the world.


What do you think of the backstage folks?

Pugsley (Emmett Deur): They are quite helpful but kind of odd, which is normal. I mean what can you expect? They’re theater kids.

Grandma (Gloria Hunt): They’re pretty nice. They are only going to be carriers for the black death of my rat army. The bubonic plague will spread quickly. 

Lurch (Haydn Bjork): Ah eh guh. Iii uh guh.


What can audiences expect from the show?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): A good time!!!

Wednesday (Marissa Sanchez):  Laugher, darkness, grief, and unspeakable sorrow

Grandma (Gloria Hunt): What show? The Truman Show? Are you recording me, Russia? Tell the bears over there hello!


Where are you going next?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): We were thinking of going to…Transylvania 

Morticia (Suzy Parker): I was thinking up north might be nice… the colder the better. 


Anything else you would like to say to the folks at home?

Gomez (Alex Dannels): Come see our… life

Wednesday (Marissa Sanchez): Stay dark and stay gloomy. 

Grandma (Gloria Hunt): I am at home child.

Lurch (Haydn Bjork): Guh, ah eh iii. Oh guh eh.


Opening weekend with the Addams was a huge success. There are only two more opportunities to see the Addams before they leave! Get your tickets at this link.