The beauty of WO Renaissance

Alina Coronado

“Good morning! Have a great day! Work hard!”

On Wednesday mornings, as the buses unload students, there are friendly people waiting and smiling. They hold the door for people to get in while giving encouragement and passing out candy.

WO Renaissance is the club in charge of this event, called Good Morning Sunshine. These students offer encouragement and positivity to their classmates as they walk in. WO Renaissance organizes many events, like Good Morning Sunshine, but also leaving positive notes around the school, going on field trips, and organizing fundraisers.

Personally, I know that WO Renaissance turned around my day before. The wind howled on a Friday morning in March. The night before, I worked for eight hours before heading home, and it exhausted me.

As I hopped off the bus the next morning, I looked up, and I saw a girl standing by the door, greeting students as they walked in. She smiled at me and shook my hand. Now, this handshake felt different from other ones. She grabbed my hand, tightened her grip, and smiled.

After a few seconds, our surroundings became silent and extremely awkward but we  snapped out of it and laughed at each other. She was so energetic that the shake felt like she passed on her energy to me. She lifted me up for the day. I felt so happy for the rest of the day.

WO Renaissance changes more than just my life, but also Jr. Valeria Zavala’s life.

On a Friday morning in the winter. “UGH”, Zavala slammed her alarm clock at the wall. “I hate waking up at 6:00 for school.” She had such a serious face the whole bus ride to school; everyone looked at her and one kid even asked her “Are you okay?”

All she spat out was “Don’t talk to me.”

As Zavala was walking into the North building, she saw the backup at the student entrance. “Can people walk any slower?” she rolled her eyes dramatically even as the line was getting smaller.

“Good morning, have a great day pretty girl!”

Zavala looked up and one of the WO Renaissance girls had got her attention. As she approached the door, the girl gave Zavala a lollipop and a big smile. After that, Zavala walked in the North building with a big smile. That girl had truly changed her day for the better.

WO Renaissance also changed Sr. Angela Buitron’s day, who has been suffering from depression for a while.

One day, she was having a terrible day. She walked in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, and started bawling her eyes out, tear after tear.

As Buitron was getting a piece of toilet paper to wipe her tears, she looked to the right and she came across a pile of little slips of paper. She took one, and all it said was

“You got this,”

She smiled instantly after reading it. “It gave me hope to keep going,” she said. Sometimes, the smallest piece of paper can have the biggest difference in someone’s life.

WO Renaissance is such a powerful club, with the ability and drive to make everyone happy and loved.

With such a broad area of coverage, WO Renaissance uses different subcommittees to organize and plan. A few of these groups are Communication, Outreach, Finance, Words of Encouragement, Bulletin Boards, Collaboration, Social Media & Recruiting, Staff & Student Recognition, GMS & Exam Cram, Scholarship & Donations, and Fundraising

Joining is easy, and they welcome newcomers. Contact Mrs. McComb at [email protected] for information or pay attention to WOBN in the morning.