Best car names at WO


Alaina Wittum

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities. One of the most significant responsibilities is choosing a name. More than 42 students submitted their car names in a survey. Here are the top ten car names at West Ottawa High School.



Car name: Speedy Boi

Car Owner: Gabriel Herrick

Reason:Cuz it fast.”


Car Name: C3PO

Car Owner: Macey Dykema

Reason: “It looks like as if it was C3PO, if he was a car.”


Car Name: Harold

Car Owner: Jurrien Wilson

Reason: “It just seems like an iconic car name. And my cars kind of big and bulky so Harold seems to fit. It’s a go-to name for me when naming objects.”


Car Name: Ord the Ford

Car Owner: Katlyn Kohley

Reason: “He’s a big beast. Ord gets me through everything. I knew he needed an old styled name that would show off his worn off, beat up character but still portray his beast side!”


Car name: Phineas

Car Owner: Madelynn Tippett

Reason: “My sister had recently gotten new vehicle, a Chevy Suburban. She decided to name it Freb after we had called it Burb for so long. From there our group of friends named our cars according to the show, and hence, Phineas was dubbed.”


Car Name: Sally the Saturn or The Green Zebra

Car Owner: Faith Haley

Reason: “I just thought Sally had a nice ring to it. Plus Sally starts with an ‘S’ and so does Saturn. What my car was originally named was ‘The Green Zebra’ because it’s green, and it has a lime green zebra on the front license plate.”


Car Name: Linda

Car Owner: Haley Baar

Reason: “Whenever I get mad at my car I just call her Linda. It’s pretty funny when I’m with my friends, and we just yell ‘really Linda?!’”


Car Name:  The Toaster

Car Owner: Jack Hendrick

Reason: “I drive a black 2003 Honda Element. From a distance, it looks like a toaster, and in the summer it’s as hot as one.”


Car Name: Hue the Vue

Car Owner: Ashleigh Bora

Reason: “I call the car Hue because I wanted a name that rhymes with the make of my car. Hence how Hue the Vue came to be!”


Car name: Aileen

Car Owner: Morgan Miller

Reason: “One day I walked outside and an owl had killed something on my hood, leaving blood splatters. So, I named my car after the only female serial killer I knew of.”