WOMD: Are you addicted to compliments on social media?

WOMD: Are you addicted to compliments on social media?

Alec Behrendt

Are you addicted to attention from your peers on social media?


  Addiction is an affliction that affects your brain and behavior. You may feel happy when you get attention, which may lead to an addiction. This could affect your behavior; you could start to do more and more actions that would draw attention from your friends. It is easy to get addicted from a good feeling, but you must control your actions.

  People love to get attention from their friends, and social media is a major platform for people to beg for attention. First it was MySpace, then it was Facebook, and now it’s Instragram. People post pictures of themselves, fishing for compliments, and get the satisfaction of friends making comments. This addiction is common, and you should know if you suffer from it. Luckily, you can figure that out here.

The Symptoms:

  • Posting selfies three or more times per week
  • Regularly checking your phone after you post a picture to see who has commented and liked your post
  • Parents who are annoyed that you’re constantly on your phone
  • Grades that are suffering because you’re always on social media
  • Being nervous about what people will think about you
  • Worrying about how many likes you get when you post

  Do you suffer from these symptoms? If you do, you might suffer from an addiction to compliments and attention. If you don’t get this cured, you might really annoy some people. But there is hope.

  Some people are more likely to become addicted, and you should know if you are at risk.

Who’s most likely to become addicted:

  • People who don’t get compliments often in person
  • People who are insecure
  • People who like their own pictures

  Luckily, there are some steps that addicts can take to break their addiction to compliments.


  Treating an addiction can be a challenge. For people who feel like social media is a necessity in their life, it may be hard to admit they have a problem. Addicts may even resist help, but following steps that prevent this addiction will help.

  Treatment for an addiction to compliments can include these methods:

  • Limiting the amount of pictures you post to 1 per week
  • Staying off social media for a week
  • Posting pictures simply because you like them, regardless of what other people think
  • Finishing all of your homework before you use your phone
  • Not checking your social media for one day after posting

For the most severe cases:

  • Delete all of your social media apps
  • Never post another picture
  • Destroy your phone

  I hope this helps your addiction, and please seek help if you need to. If you post on social media to get attention, you can change. Follow these guidelines, and be a good social media user.