Frozen yogurt vs ice cream


Bri O'Dell

In a world of many frozen treats, ice cream has been the favorite for centuries. Starting in 200 BC, the ancient Chinese created a mixture of milk and rice, which turned out to be the very first ice cream. Flash forward to the 1970’s where the first frozen yogurt was created. Frozen yogurt is a sweet frozen product which tastes like ice cream but healthier. After the first frozen yogurt shop opened in 1981, fro-yo began to expand around the world. Just in the past five years, Holland has gained four frozen yogurt shops but lost  multiple ice cream shops. So the real question is: What’s better for you, Frozen Yogurt or Ice cream?

  If you’re a proud american and prefer to eat something more common to our culture, then ice cream is the treat for you. “Ice cream is better…it’s more American than frozen yogurt,” Jr. Jared Wiseman said. Ice cream, however, tends to have more American qualities such as the toppings and flavors. Not trying to bring down fellow Americans, but America has a tendency to add more than they need to their meal/dessert.

 If you’re a person who prefers to add crazy toppings such as nerds, gummy bears and even cereal then you’re definitely a frozen yogurt person. Soph. Angel Delarosa said, “You can add things that makes sense like chocolate, cherries and whipped cream to frozen yogurt”, said Delarosa.

What if you’re the type of person who enjoys a variety of flavors. According to Pennsylvania State University ice cream comes in 100 flavors while frozen yogurt comes in 10. “People like ice cream better because it comes in a variety of flavors unlike frozen yogurt,” Frosh.Grace Dewe said. Ice cream has a variety of flavors, those who enjoy the variety tend to be ice cream driven people.

  To some, the consistency of their frozen treat is more important than the flavor itself. If you’re one of those people who would rather have a fluent consistency then maybe you’re a ice cream person.“Ice cream also tastes better and has a better consistency,” Sr. Danny Torres said.  

  We all know ice cream is not healthy at all. Some may say, “It has dairy so it’s good for you!”. That’s a bunch of bologna. Ice cream is not healthy at all; however, frozen yogurt is. “Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream. I can eat fro-yo after a workout and not feel as guilty,” Sr. Grant Smith said. If you’re a health freak and enjoy a sweet treat every once awhile, then frozen yogurt is for you.

  Whether you’re a proud american or a health freak, everyone deserves to enjoy a refreshing sweet treat every once in awhile.