Halloween can still be fun

Jada Holmes

To a lot of people, turning 12  means the end of Halloween fun. 12 year olds can’t dress up, and can’t trick or treat. They feel too old. All the fun has vanished in thin air, or has it? Actually, Halloween can still be a blast no matter the age. Here are some fun things you can do to make this Halloween memorable.

Face paint fun:

  1. Get a group of friends together.
  2. Buy a ton of face-paint. Get all different colors!
  3. Have everyone write their name on a piece of paper, and then put it in a bowl.
  4. Everybody take turns randomly drawing names from the bowl.
  5. Look at the name you choose from the bowl – that’s the face you get to paint!
  6. GO OUT TO EAT! Yes, in public! Flaunt your new amazing face-paint done by a friend.

Keep in mind that your friend doesn’t want to go out in public with anything nasty on their face! No matter how funny it might seem,  keep it PG-13.

Gross food guess: 

You’ll need 5 or more paper bags so that the people guessing can’t see through them, and then you’ll need to line the bags with plastic since you’re going to be putting food in them.

Bag #1 – Cut up some bananas and smash them. Those’ll be the smashed brains.

Bag #2 – Take some grapes and skin them. They’ll be the eyes.

Bag #3 – Take some pretzels and soak them in water until they’re a little soggy. Those’ll be wet bones.

Bag #4 – Take spaghetti noodles and cook them until they’re super mushy. Those will be intestines cut up.

Bag #5 – Place dried orange peels in a bag, those’ll be dried skin.

Haunted houses in West Michigan: 

  1. Witches of New Salem Corn Maze and Trails – 4516 24th St. Dorr Michigan.

This Halloween attraction has night activities for teens and adults, plus day time activities that “100% family friendly” for kids of any age.

2.The Haunt – 2070 Waldorf St. Grand Rapids Michigan

The Haunt is west Mahicans premier haunted house. It’s a 20,000 square-foot compound of pure fear.

3. Psycho Ward and Nightmares – 7656 Ravine Rd. Kalamazoo Michigan

This attraction is the largest in West Michigan. It has 3 different attractions. The Physio Ward, The Nightmares attraction, and a Clown Chaos firing range!


To find many more haunted houses in the West Michigan area check out THIS WEBSITE !!!!!