The (not quite so old) debate: North vs. South

The (not quite so old) debate: North vs. South

Aashi Chhabra

North vs. South- The Better Building Debate

There has been an on-going debate among students about which building is better at West Ottawa High School, North or South?  Many students prefer the North, the newer building of the two, with its better equipment while some prefer the South with its coffee station and comfortable lounge area. After talking to a few members of the student body, these were the results:-

North South
I prefer North because it’s bigger and has pretty much everything- Sr. Jany Latsavong I prefer the south. It’s more spacious and cozy. – Soph. Brynn Edwards
I prefer the technology and general structure in North. Although I might be biased because of the majority of my classes being at North. – Soph. Aaron Lindstrom On the other hand, there are fewer people during lunch and it’s easier to hear myself think. – Soph. Aaron Lindstrom

Looking at the student body’s opinion, a clear preference isn’t evident. Many students prefer the North building’s better equipment and bigger building, but quite a few West Ottawans prefer the South building with it’s shorter lunch lines and the M-Perks coffee bar.

So, are you a North-ie or a South-ie?