The worst trend at WO


Anika Seguin

It’s weird. It’s wrong. It’s tucking your sweatpants into your socks.

  Walking around the halls of West Ottawa, Soph. Brianna Elizondo admires all of the fun and interesting outfits that her fellow peers are rocking, but she looks down to find this atrocious outfit decision. “Socks are meant to go under your pants, not over. I think it just looks stupid.” As I researched into the reason why this trend may have started, I found much information about Kanye West starting this trend. I understand that everybody may want to follow this trend because they love Kanye, but I still think the trend itself is obscene.


 Since I have a such a strong dislike towards this trend, I felt that I should try it out for a day and see if my mind would change. As I got ready in the morning, I put on my grey Nike sweatpants, tucked them into my white Nike Elites, and slipped my feet into my black Converse. Scanning my entire outfit through my full-length mirror, I instantly felt wrong. Despite my doubts, I continued on with my day and headed to school.

  As I walked inside, I felt like everybody was staring at me and I hated it. I asked a few of my friends how they felt about it, and Soph. Collin Smith said “It’s horrible. It looks like you have cankles.”After this comment, I quickly walked to my class in hopes of hiding from everybody in the halls. During class, I could only look at my ankles and I knew I had to untuck my pants, I just felt very out of place.


  Although I did not spend my whole day walking around not feeling like myself, I still decided to ask some more people how they felt about this trend. Soph. Thomas Emery said “It depends on who is wearing it. Some people can rock it, others cannot.” Although Emery believes that sometimes this trend does look well on certain students, he still believes that the trend itself is odd. As many students have answered my question as to why they follow this trend, all of them said they do it because their sweatpants are just too big at the bottom. But if this is true, just roll your sweatpants! If you want to look like you “cankles”, then sure go ahead and tuck your sweatpants into your socks.