Easy money


Ryan VanWyk

Easy money is always a good thing, especially when it is fast. Anyone can make this “easy money” by buying and selling Supreme products.

  Supreme has been New York skate culture’s favorite skating brand since 1994, when they first opened their doors for business. Re-selling Supreme has grown in popularity within the past couple of years. Supreme releases their products every Thursday at 11 am EST, but to be able to get the most sought-after items, customers have to get in line hours, even days, before the new drop, so that it doesn’t sell out. Supreme has two seasons of when they release products: the spring/summer season and the fall/winter season.

  Supreme clothes sell out within seconds; the resale value on the clothes and accessories are always way higher than the stock price, and that’s where re-sellers get their money.

  There are two main ways to get Supreme products before they sell out: wait in the long lines outside of one of their eleven stores for days, or attempt to purchase products online. There are only three Supreme stores in America, six stores being in Japan, one in London, and another in Paris. One unique way to get the new weekly Supreme drop is to arrange for someone that lives in the area of the store to wait in line, and then pay the person for more than what the items cost- this is called using a proxy.

  Going to the Supreme store itself is the highest chance to be able to cop Supreme products. Although it may take a long time to wait in line, it is worth the crazy line and prices because the items resell for a lot more than the retail price. The best time to buy from the Supreme store would be the day of the drop so that the most hyped items are still available. What people do to get Supreme from the store is to have a group of about five people take turns waiting in line, and then all meet up in line before the items drop.

  Although that may be an effective strategy, the way most resellers get their Supreme items is by buying them online. Some people use “bots” which buys the item within seconds, so there’s a smaller chance of not being able to get what is most popular, but it is usually frowned upon within the Supreme reselling community. Exactly at 11 am, thousands of people are ready to attempt to get some Supreme before it sells out. Collaborations always sell out faster than other items.

  Recently, Supreme did a collab with Stone Island, a foreign designer brand, and the hoodies sold for $325, with the puffy jackets being sold for $998. They both sold out in 6 seconds, and have been re-selling for double the cost.

  Selling Supreme in high school would be a great side job. Say a re-seller gets four items from one drop: a $44 shirt, a $88 long sleeve shirt, an accessory for $90, and a popular collab hoodie with another designer brand for $158. The price of the item doubles if it is sought-after and is posted for resale quickly. That’s $380 the reseller can make once a week, just off of buying and selling Supreme. There are about 18 weeks in one of their seasons, and they have two seasons each year. That is about $6,840 a season, give or take a couple hundred based off of the price range of their items.

  That is not including the rare “box logo” hoodie/t-shirts that drop once a season. The t-shirts retail for around $54 and the hoodies at $158, but both can sell for $500, sometimes $1000 depending on the rareness or the collaboration. Rare Louis Vuitton collabs can sell for $2000 or more.

 Buying Supreme online from the website is how most people make money off of selling it. It is an intense and stressful process to cop Supreme online, and there are four main steps:


Step one: Prepare

  Find out what is for sale. Many Supreme social media accounts like @supcommunity post the drop list the day before it drops. Plan on attempting to get the most sought after items so they resell fast.


Step two: Decide what to buy

  Look at Twitter or Instagram polls of the most sought after item and think about how much profit there is in re-selling it. Make sure it fits the price range. Be 100% sure of what to buy. Plan on where to be for the drop so that there is good WiFi. Decide whether it’s faster to use a phone or a computer. Use autofill apps like “Fillr” so that the credit card information and shipping address gets instantly typed in. Making sure the item is sought after is the most important part of trying to resell Supreme, no one wants to be stuck with $400 worth of Supreme that no one likes and won’t buy.


Step three: Buy

  Proceed with the plan as to where to be and what device will be used. Practice what it will be like to actually buy from the website, to make sure the auto filler is working and so that no errors occur. Start refreshing about ten minutes before the drop just in case Supreme doesn’t have another mistake where they release the drop ten minutes before it’s supposed to. I personally even have a world clock on another device next to me, so I can see the exact seconds until it turns eleven o clock.


Step four: Selling

  If the re-seller were able to purchase anything they wanted, post it for sale even if it’s not in hand. Look at what other sellers are selling the same item for, and price it based off of that. Make sure to list the description exactly as it is. When the item gets shipped in, don’t open the package the item came in, buyers prefer untouched items. Some strategies I use for people to buy it is putting the price ten dollars more than what I want, so that people can offer less and think they’re getting a good deal. There is always a chance of getting scammed, so use PayPal when selling so that either the buyer or seller could always fairly get their item or money back.


  So, when you’re trying to make a buck as a financially struggling high school student, buying and selling Supreme could be a great way to go.