I rate WO dogs


Anika Seguin














Loves long walks on the beach, ice cream dates, and cuddles. I’d rate these dogs at 12/10


This is Hugo, he can apparently open doors which is really cool. I’d rate this dog a 15/10


This pupper kind of looks like a teddy bear and I wasn’t even sure if it was a dog. Still cute though. I would rate this bear a 12.5/10

This is Kota on the left and Sandy on the right. Kota is insane, loves to chew on dresses and is deathly afraid of pretzels. Sandy has social anxiety and doesn’t like any dogs except for Kota. I’d rate these dogs a 18/10

This is Coby. He kind of looks like the dog in every movie. Coby is a very social and hyper pup. I’d rate this dog a basic 10/10

This doggo loves shoes, fetch, and other people’s food, but strongly dislikes cats and water. I’d rate this pup a 14/10

This is Rusty, or is better known as Crusty. Crusty is also a beaver. He is known be a self conscious dog that loves to eat garbage. I’d give this dog 12 self confidence points out of 10

This is Elsa and she was not named after a Disney Princess. Elsa loves to drag her blanket everywhere and screams when she yawns. I’d rate this dog a Frozen 17/10