The best taco in Holland


Alec Behrendt and Ben Hoey

We sat down after the cashier gave us our food. The smells were fantastic and the tacos looked amazing. As we dug in, the flavors began to stand out. The savory steak, the kick of lime, the burst of vegetable tastes, and the warmth of a flour tortilla made for a delicious combination. Tacos are a local favorite of many Holland residents. So, we set out on an adventure: to find the best taco in Holland.


  To decide which taco would take the title, we created a rubric to judge the quality of each taco. For each taco, the ingredients were a flour shell with steak, lettuce, diced onions, and lime. Points were awarded based on five categories: overall taste, tortilla, vegetables/lime, meat, and size to price ratio. The taco with the most overall points was dubbed the winner.


  El Huarache:

As we walked into El Huarache, the small, authentic feel immediately surrounded us. The dull yellow walls and small paintings were the only decorations. It was quiet inside; the only noise was from a dim TV in the corner. We were the only customers when we entered. A friendly worker welcomed us as he took our orders. We sat at one of the few tables, and our food came out quickly. Our food looked delicious, and after a squirt of lime, we dug in. From the first bite, it was a delicious taco. The shell was warm and fresh-baked. The meat was grilled very well, but it didn’t have any obvious seasoning. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and each ingredient complemented the others quite well. The tacos were easy to eat, compared to others. Each taco was $2.50 plus tax, which isn’t too expensive, but the taco could have been larger. Overall, the taco itself was of high quality and worth coming back for more.


  Taqueria Azteca:

We entered the restaurant and immediately sat down at one of the many tables. There were many customers; it was busy for the lunch rush. A friendly waiter took our order immediately, and we were given chips and salsa right away. We placed our order, and the food came out quickly. It looked very tasty, and we were ready to dig in. From the first bite, we could tell it was a delicious taco. Each taco had two warm, soft tortilla shells. However, the tortillas themselves were not that high quality.The steak was well-prepared and had a seasoning that gave it a distinct flavor. The lettuce and onion tasted fresh, but were a bit scarce compared to the other ingredients. A squirt of fresh lime also nicely tied the whole taco together. Overall, it was a tasty taco in a delightful restaurant that is definitely a contender for the best taco in Holland.


  El Rancho:

As we walked into El Rancho, we were welcomed by a hospitable waiter in an authentic Mexican atmosphere. The tune of a traditional Spanish song rang in the background, bright colors and fun decorations were spread out throughout the restaurant, and TV’s buzzed with the sounds of English and Spanish sports networks. Our service was very expedient, friendly, and hospitable. After a short wait, the waiter arrived with two plates with tinfoil tubes of tastiness. As the wrapping was removed, the smells were wonderful. The tacos themselves looked absolutely delicious. We sampled each of the ingredients separately, and then took a taste. The flavor was incredible; each ingredient was perfectly fresh and the bursts of tastes complemented each other nicely. The tortilla was freshly cooked, warm, and had a nice texture to it. The meat was grilled to perfection and had a delicious, savory taste. The lettuce and onions were crisp, and a squirt of lime brought the whole taco together. Although the taste was superb, the taco was a bit more pricey than its competitors. However, it was overall a very tasty taco and well worth the trip.


  Mi Favorita Supermercado:

As we walked into Mi Favorita Supermercado, we could immediately tell that this place was different than the others. This location was actually a supermarket that sells tacos from a small kitchen in the back, but the smells from the inside signaled that this place was special. We walked up to the counter and placed our order, and we were actually able to see our meals being made in the open kitchen. Customers came through and ordered tacos and slabs of meat, as the kitchen also serves as a butcher shop. We were handed our tacos and we were ready to devour the taco. Because it is a market, we had to eat outside, but it was certainly worth it. We unwrapped our food from the tinfoil and began. The tortilla was warm and freshly prepared. The meat was grilled to perfection, and a signature flavor was provided by the grilled taste. Although the vegetables were fresh, we did not get any lime on our taco, which was something that other venues provided. The tacos were a little small, but they were inexpensive, so they were well worth the price. All in all, Mi Favorita Supermercado has some extremely delicious tacos and is definitely a contender for the title of the best taco in Holland.



Walking into Margarita’s, we were hit instantly by the smells of cooking meat, warm tortilla chips, and the sound of music playing in the background. The restaurant wasn’t too busy for the lunch hour. Our waitress was very friendly and was happy about us nominating their restaurant for the best taco. The service was quick and hospitable. As the tacos were set on the table, we became excited at the delightful smell emanating from our plates. So, we unwrapped the tinfoil and attacked the tacos. At first bite, the tortilla stood out as a downer because, although it was tasty, it wasn’t as well prepared as others had been. The meat was very succulent and tasty, but overpowered what little amount of vegetables the taco had on it. The lime was a nice zesty burst of flavor, however, that helped the taco become savory. The tacos were small and a little expensive, but overall a quality taco for someone looking for a quick bite on the south side.


  The Decision:

It was a really tough decision, but we feel confident to announce that El Huarache serves the best taco in Holland. What really set this taco apart from the others was the incredible quality of each individual ingredient. The steak was perfectly cooked, the lettuce, onion, and lime were fresh, and it was all served on a warm flour tortilla. These distinct ingredients came together to form the ultimate taco, one that truly deserves the title of the best taco in Holland.


  • Taste(10pts)
    • Balance of flavors (ingredients are proportional, tastes don’t dominate) 1-5
    • Quality of each ingredient (freshness, taste) 1-5
  • Tortilla(5 pts)
    • Warmth, fresh baked, cooked
    • Fluffiness, taste, ratio of tortilla to ingredients
  • Vegetables/Lime(10 pts)
    • Freshness of the vegetables/lime
    • Proportions of ingredients
  • Meat/Shell(15 pts)
    • Preparation, taste
    • Quality of shell
    • Balance
  • Value- how much you get for what you pay(10 pts)

Restaurant Taste Tortilla Veg./Lime Meat Size/Price Total/50
El Huarache 14 4 9 9 8 44
Taqueria 12 2 7 10 6 37
El Rancho 13 3 8 7 4 35
Mi Favorita 14 4 6 8 9 41
Margarita’s 11 3 6 6 6 32