Using the band doors during lunch


Kayla Myers

   Jr. Kaitlyn Mitas and Jr. Alyssa Lacey are happily eating their lunches in the band hallway. When, suddenly, their conversations are interrupted by non-band members banging on the door, wanting to be let in. Every year, people have been told to go around to the front entrance, but many decide that they will try to get in the band doors, anyway. “We have told the people who come to the doors, many times, that they are not allowed in and they must go around. Then in a few days, they will come back up to the door and text their friends to let them in since we won’t,” Mitas said.

   The act is viewed more as a safety issue than an annoyance.  Just letting anyone in who comes to the doors can be very dangerous and could pose a huge threat to the students and staff. Being let into the band doors during lunch can be punishable by detention. Using the doors during lunch is simply a safety issue that can be easily avoided by going through the front doors.

   “The biggest thing we need to focus on for security is access to the building. We need to know who is coming in the building and where. That’s why we have one door, the main door, open. That way we can see who’s coming in; otherwise, we could have unauthorized people coming in here and we would have no idea. That’s why it’s imperative that we always keep those doors secured,” Security Guard Ryan Lancaster said.

   To those who are causing this disruption: please refrain from waiting at the band hallway doors to be let in during lunch. The band members will not let anyone in. The front doors are just a few steps away.  The band members have been told by staff and administration to not let anyone in through the doors unless they are another band member coming in for class.