Political Cartoons


With this year’s election, and the many controversial events that have occurred during Trump’s presidency, political cartoonists have had a lot of content to work with. Jr. Hailey Warsaw and Jr. Erik Heindlmeyer created the following political cartoons to express the current political state of the US.


Warsaw’s cartoon:

Heindlmeyer’s cartoon:

Audience member 1: President Trump why are you cutting funding to health care?

Audience member 2: Yeah! Didn’t you say you wouldn’t cut it?

Trump: Well duh, it’s how we are making it better.

Doctor: It is my professional opinion that the only way to make you faster at running is to cut off your feet.

Runner: Wait what?!


  Both of these cartoons show perceived issues with President Trump, bringing to attention major problems that can be felt across the nation. It’s no secret that there is much controversy in US politics today. Political tension is reaching a fever pitch, and even impeachment of President Trump is being mentioned. Though America is dealing with many controversies and issues, these cartoons only illustrate a couple of the hardships Americans are experiencing.