Dumb things people have done for money


Drew Pedersen and Sam Beetham

When teenage friends get together, anything can happen. Just the desire for attention and small amounts of money can lead to some pretty gross events.


Jr. Sean Cavanaugh- Chewed gum from underneath desk for $20

Jr. Drew Pedersen- Ate turkey from bottom of bus for $10

Frosh. Miles Kent- Licked ketchup off trash can at McDonald’s for $1

Sr. Marcus Hawkins- Jumped into sewage pond for $40

Jr. Clyde Snyder- Swallowed a fish for $20, snorted a rock and ate dirt for $3


Sean Cavanaugh

  “So the deal was that if I chewed the piece of gum under my desk, Tucker, Sydney, and Brooke would give me a total of $20,” Cavanaugh said. Cavanaugh had to chew the piece of gum for 5-10 seconds to earn the $20. “The gum was slightly soft still and it still tasted like mint but it was not near as bad as I thought. Although I did not like it [chewing the piece of gum], I would definitely do that again because $20 is well worth it,” Cavanaugh said.


Drew Pedersen

  “We were just sitting on the bus on the way to our baseball game when Ben Burns said ‘Ped, I will give you $10 to eat that piece of turkey.’ As he was saying this, Burns was pointing to the bottom of the bus where there was a piece of turkey with dirt all over it. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I said sure and grabbed the piece of turkey. Then I stuck the entire piece in my mouth and started chewing as fast as I could. After like 10 seconds of chewing, I started gagging a little bit but I finally finished it after 20 seconds,” Pedersen said. As Pedersen was eating the turkey, the rest of the team was surrounding him in disbelief. “I would never do that again for $10.”


Miles Kent

  “We were just at McDonald’s one day, me and my buddies, and we do all sorts of dares for a dollar. So my friend told me, ‘You see that ketchup on the side of that trash can? Lick it and I’ll give you a dollar.’ I didn’t see why it would be so bad, so I licked it right up. It was really only a little bit bigger than a quarter so it wasn’t even that bad. The best part was that I got one crisp dollar for it,” Kent said.


Marcus Hawkins

  “We were at Jon’s for a team sleepover when Sean jokingly said, ‘Marcus I’ll give you 20 to jump in that pond.’ At first I was like no but then more people started piling money in and it got to $40 so I decided hey it is probably worth it,” Hawkins said. The pond behind Jon’s house is a sewage pond filled with leeches and other gross water. This happened in January so the pond was around 45 degrees. “It was so cold and definitely a lot dirtier than I was expecting but it was definitely worth $40,” Hawkins said.


Clyde Snyder

  “So we were all eating McChickens at someone’s house when we all noticed the goldfish swimming around a fishbowl on the table. That’s when Sam Strobel dared me to eat the fish. At first I said no but then he offered me $20 and I said I would do it. History was made that night as I swallowed the fish raw. I could feel it swimming around in my mouth. I could feel its scales in my throat as I engulfed it. I would totally do it again. The next day at school in fifth hour I noticed I had to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t go to the bathroom and I felt like I had a brick in my stomach. All in all, I’d still totally do it all again,” Snyder said.

  Snyder also snorted dirt for three dollars in APES class. “We were doing a lab in class on soil types and someone said ‘What if you ate the dirt?’ I asked, ‘How much money do you have on ya?’” It became a deal when Snyder agreed to eat the dirt for three dollars and snort a rock for three dollars as well for a grand total of six dollars. “It was about the size of a palmful of dirt and it tasted like dirt and worms and grass. It was awful. The rock was about the size of a fingertip so it wasn’t exactly super small. I choked on the rock a little bit and of course, I gagged at the dirt so it was an uncomfortable experience but overall I was fine. That’s another experience I would totally do again if there was money involved,” Snyder said.


Just remember, the next time you have friends come over, make sure you hide your goldfish and ketchup.