A great night: Prom photos


Joe Sigler

WO’s prom was held at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.
The venue was beautiful. There were many pieces of art that made the ambiance unique.
A sculpture just over the tables near the dance floor.
Patrons of the prom were allowed the opportunity to stroll through the flower gardens.
Patrons were also allowed in the butterfly room to take pictures with and enjoy the splendid creatures.
Sr. Lexi Manning enjoys the butterfly room with her date.
The stunning butterfly room.
WO students pack the dance floor.
Another view of the dance floor.
The DJ did a wonderful job with the music and lights to entertain everyone.
Srs. Hunter Myrick, Sean Hoey, and Solomon Gray thoroughly enjoyed the prom.
Based on the number of tickets, it looked like a ton of WO students showed up.
A limo awaits a party of prom-goers to drive off into the night.