Ten Things you Already Miss About Spring Break


Louisa Hall

Whether you stayed home or went on vacation, spring break won’t be back until next year. As school has started to pick up again, you’re back to your routine of sports, homework, a job, and managing your time. You can’t help but procrastinate and reminisce on when you had a break. You might even look at old photos from spring break and wish you were there. Maybe you go a step further and take to social media, posting about how you miss spring break.

  Everyone is thinking the same thing; no matter if you stayed or got away for the week, you’re not only wishing for another week off, you’re missing specific aspects too. Here are ten reasons you already miss spring break in no particular order.  

  1. Sleeping whenever

It’s nice not having to wake up early for school during breaks. Let’s be honest, many didn’t go to bed until very late in the night because you knew you had the time to sleep in. You had all day to catch up on sleep. Whole days to take naps. Jr. Anna Saewart went to Florida for the week and she took a nap every single day. “It was great, I really miss laying in the sun,” she said.

  1. Having the time to binge-watch shows

While Jr. Madison Wollenzier was busy with college visits, she had lots of time to binge-watch Netflix during the car rides. “I became obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy right before break and that’s all I watched,” Wollenzier said. Of course she, like most people, binge watch Netflix year round. Whenever they want, sometimes as procrastination. But you miss having the free time to watch your favorite shows instead of watching them anyway and sacrificing other time that could be used for assignments.

  1. Having bathing suits you’re not going to use again for 3 months

Jr. Lexi Gibson found out she was going to Marco Island, Fl for spring break on Christmas. She was so excited she immediately started her spring break shopping. By the time March 31 came, she had bought 15 swimsuits. She even bought one when she was in Florida. “They were just really cute and I couldn’t stop myself. The only ones I wanted were out of stock, so I bought others but then I saw they were back in stock. I had to order them all before I lost the opportunity,” Gibson said. The sad reality is that because we are in Michigan, those new suits don’t have much use for another 3 months.

  1. Not being in school for eight hours

Very few people missed school during their break. Many would rather not sit in classrooms for 8 hours. As you sit in class you’re probably thinking of something else you could be doing instead of school. You’re definitely missing laying in bed, or exploring a new place and not worrying about assignments.

  1. Having free time in general

Lots of people had entire days open to possible opportunities over break. You probably made spontaneous plans to hang out with people or go somewhere because you were available. Now that you’re back, you don’t have as much free time. You probably have sports, and homework, a job, and other extracurriculars you’re involved in that consume most of your time and you’re missing the break of all of that.

  1. Overusing social media

Frosh. Collin Smith went out west for spring break. He visited Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and he, like lots of people, posted frequently of his trip on social media, 16 times on Instagram to be exact. He said “I really enjoy sharing pictures on Instagram. Over vacation, I went to a beautiful place and I wanted to share my experience. I use Instagram as an artistic outlet and I like to show people my hobbies, what I do, who I hang out with and places I go. I use it for people who may not know me feel like they do know me. Sharing pictures over vacation is to show people places I’ve gone and being able to share my experience. And for memories for myself later on.”  Sure you can post anytime but you don’t have the aesthetically pleasing vacation photos to share. The artsy photographer in you longs for another chance to take more photos.

  1. Spending time with family

During the busy school year, it can be hard for families to make time on a weekday. Mostly using weekends to spend the day together. During spring break many took family vacations and had quality time spent together. Whether it was traveling around a new place or visiting family that you don’t get to see. Soph. Jaelan William took a weekend trip to Tennessee with his mom and siblings. It gave them time to relax from their usually busy, work-filled lives. Now that break is done, you’re missing the everyday family bonding and adventures.

  1. Being a tourist

Soph. Avery Warsaw’s family traveled to Italy for spring break. They wandered around the foreign cities of Rome, Florence, and Vernazza, exploring a new culture. “In Rome, we saw all of the really pretty pIazzas and decorated fountains, then we went to a lot of famous churches which were very pretty, and the Vatican to see the Sistine chapel and the museum. The Sistine chapel was crazy because there was so much detail and it was so pretty. The streets and alleyways were beautiful and there was a cool hidden shop or restaurant for just about everyone.” she said, and that was just Rome. “In Florence, we saw the Uffizi gallery of art and the David at the academy, which was so cool; the art was really pretty and the David was incredibly life-like! We went to these beautiful gardens and looked over the whole city! The gardens were one of my favorite spots because it smelled so sweet and there were so many flowers,” she said. And last but not least she went to Vernazza. “It was the cutest little beach town and there were so many beautiful hikes we went on to the other towns nearby,” she said. The Warsaw Family did lots of adventuring, and she definitely misses discovering new places now that she’s back in school.

  1. Procrastinating

You can procrastinate on your school work anytime but you miss putting your work off because you could use spring break as an excuse. “I have the rest of break to read these chapters” or “I’ll do it later when I don’t have plans with my friends”. You miss having the time to spontaneously make plans to get out of doing homework. Soph. Benny Rathana stayed local for spring break but of course, that didn’t stop him from putting off his homework until the last Sunday to do it.

  1. Burning so bad you can’t walk

Soph. Hannah Beath’s family went to Anna Maria Island, Fl. “we stayed in a beach house and went to the beach every day. I burned so bad I stayed inside an entire day,” she said. Of course, no one really enjoys a sunburn. Having one is an awful feeling, but you miss the fact that you were in the sun so much that you got burnt.