Success doesn’t come without stress


Sarah Cremin

As the students of WO Jazz 1 take the stage, their anxious energy is met by utter silence. Rather than a packed auditorium full of friends and family, they were playing for prestigious judges at State Jazz Festival in East Kentwood. “It was a lot more difficult to keep up the energy when there wasn’t a crowd there to react,” said Jr. Matthew Moraw.

  “Waiting for a rating is always a stressful experience. The expectation is that you’ll get a one, but you still never know,” said Jr. Maggie Newman. The judge opened the door to see a group of pale anxious faces in the warm up room. Watching the director open up the manila folder containing the results, teeth begin to clench and palms start to sweat. The announcement of another first division rating leads to sighs of relief and a burst of excitement from the whole group.

  Jazz 1 has been working very hard this year and will continue on to play at Michigan State Jazz Festival April 22 and Tulip Time Dazzle May 9. The band also has three of its members participating in the All-State Jazz Band.