Summer plans for the chromebooks


TJ Denhof

Jr. Hayden Taylor doesn’t just use the Chromebooks for academic purposes, in fact he uses it as an everyday computer at home. “I watch YouTube videos on it and I also go on twitter a lot, the Chromebooks make watching YouTube easier in my room,” Taylor said. So what’s in store for Taylor’s summer? Unfortunately, no Chromebook and no more easy YouTube access. Most people have no idea what’s happening with the Chromebooks; and with the year coming to an end shortly, people need to know.

Some commonly asked questions that people need to know:


Will students keep the chromebooks over the summer?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Students will be required to turn in the Chromebooks over the summer; however, if a student is taking summer classes or summer school, they will be able to check out their Chromebook over the summer.

What chromebooks are incoming freshman getting?

The incoming freshman will be getting the Chromebooks they had at the middle school. The middle school Chromebooks will be shipped over to the high school some time during the summer.

When are Chromebooks being required to be turned in, considering exams are still being held through the last day of school?

Chromebooks will be turned in on the last day of school during sixth hour. Teachers will be provided sleeves where ID´s and Chromebooks will be placed for next year.

Will students get the same chromebook they had last year?

Yes they will.

What will the process be for returning the Chromebooks in the fall?

After the Chromebooks have been inspected and cleaned of all stickers and unnecessary items, the Chromebooks will be placed back into the sleeves and organized by seminar. In the fall, seminar teachers will be in charge of handing out the Chromebooks to their students.

What´s happening to the seniors Chromebooks?

In order for seniors to walk, seniors will be required to turn in their Chromebooks. The senior’s Chromebooks will go to the incoming 6th grade class.