Who’s the teacher?


Sean Hoey

Most people have hidden tales. Some people take a spontaneous trip to Vegas for the weekend, and others get to meet the President of the United States. Each person has a story to tell, including the teachers at WO. They have one-of-a-kind stories as well. Can you guess the teacher that tells each story?    

Teacher A

  During senior year at Grand Valley State University, this teacher needed an idea for an undergraduate thesis. As a math major, it made sense to write on a real world mathematical situation. So, it was an obvious choice to write on the mathematics behind card counting, the process of improving gambling odds during blackjack, an act not allowed by casinos. In order to conduct important research for the thesis, this teacher had to conduct research to give the paper credibility. This teacher was given a grant to perform field research in the Blue Chip Casino. As gameplay got going, all was going well. But not long after, security busted this teacher for card counting and escorted him/her to the parking lot. To this day, this teacher is still banned from the Blue Chip Casino. Who is the teacher?

Teacher B

  During college, this teacher spent time as a wilderness trip leader, and as the name implies, the group took trips into the wilderness. One trip was to an island on Lake Michigan. This teacher was leading 15 teenagers to the island for a once in a lifetime wilderness experience. Little did they know, that’s exactly what they got. “We were basically marooned on this island for three or four days beyond what we were planning to stay,” this teacher said. But the adventure did not stop there, “We ended up being rescued in the middle of the night by a bunch of drunks on a tugboat.” It was a wild ride back to safety with the combination of drunks, 15 teenagers, and a college age student well out of the comfort zone. Who is the teacher?   

Teacher C

  After a long day of coaching, all this teacher wanted to do was get home. It was after a summer basketball clinic, and this teacher was thinking back on the drills of the day and the kids they were evaluating at the clinic. But basketball would soon become the least of this teacher’s worries. Driving down the freeway behind a semi-truck, something seemed amiss. The large truck was carrying heavy steel cables. One of these 16-ton steel cables became dislodged, fell out of the back of the truck, and crushed the passenger side of the car. Luckily, the teacher escaped with only minor bumps and bruises. Fortunately, there was no one else in the car either. Who is the teacher who lived to tell this tale?

Teacher D

  A nice relaxing vacation to the Central American country of Belize sounds peaceful and stress-free, right? Well, this teacher and spouse decided to spice the vacation up a bit and get their hearts racing. One day during the vacation the couple woke up wanting to do something out of the ordinary, something adventurous, something that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They sure found that opportunity: swimming with sharks. Not far off the shore this teacher put on the snorkel gear and jumped in the warm Central American water. Looking down, there were at least 15 nurse sharks swimming all over the reef. If anything can get the heart racing, it’s a dip in the ocean with a school of nurse sharks that can grow up to ten feet long. Who is the teacher that decided to spice up a restful vacation?

Teacher E

  It was junior year at Michigan State University, and this teacher decided to take Math Analysis. This course consisted of proving the diverse theories and rules of mathematics. The professor allowed the students to take their test untimed. This teacher made sure to take full advantage of this guideline, even taking up to three hours on some tests. After performing extremely well in previous math courses, this teacher believed Math Analysis would be a walk in the park. That was not the case. By taking immense amounts of time on the tests this teacher made sure that there was plenty of work. When the tests were returned, this teacher would look up to find a zero credit on the tests. And that is how the class was finished, with a zero credit. This teacher was not satisfied, though. The next semester, this teacher retook the class, worked harder than ever before, and ended up with a 4-point in the class. Who is the teacher who made the major turnaround in Math Analysis?

Teacher F

  Traveling is always interesting. There can be major setbacks, delays, and even cancellations. Often, something out of the ordinary happens, especially in airports. This teacher had something happen that would definitely be considered out of the ordinary in the Atlanta International Airport. This teacher was headed back from a trip to Spain with some students when they all started freaking out. “Can we go run after that guy up there?” all the students said. This teacher looked up ahead, and standing there, on his phone, was the hip-hop artist Fetty Wap. The students took off down the terminal to catch up with their chaperone following closely behind. When they reached Fetty Wap, the students all begged him to take pictures with the group. He graciously agreed. They stood around for a while taking pictures with the star and asked him questions. Afterwards, the students took off and started walking to catch their connecting flight and this teacher stayed around to talk to the hip-hop artist. This teacher believed Fetty Wap to be extremely humble and patient person, unlike most stars. Who is the teacher who met Fetty Wap in the Atlanta airport?


  • Teacher A= Mrs. Meyer
  • Teacher B= Mr. Myers
  • Teacher C= Mr. McNitt
  • Teacher D= Mrs. Wilson
  • Teacher E= Mrs. Jernigan
  • Teacher F= Mrs. Weyhmiller