Introducing tech support internship (TSI)

Angel Hernandez

West Ottawa High School has a broad variety of courses to choose from. Next year, students will have a course where they have the opportunity to get more of a hands-on experience with technology . This new  elective course is called Tech Support Internship, or TSI. It is a class where students run a help desk for those who are experiencing trouble with their Chromebooks.

  The idea of TSI came from East Leyden High School (Illinois), a school which WOHS has been working with for 3 years. The class gives students the chance to assist other students who are having trouble with their Chromebooks through troubleshooting and repair. Also, it is to help out the teachers or other staff member who are having trouble with their device. And lastly, it is to help students pursue “learning pathways” on their own.

  Services that the TSI students will have a chance to do are Chromebook repair/replacement, Chromebook charging, training tutorials, internet connectivity issues, general technology inquiries, projector issues, ​software downloads, PC set up, and audio visual support.

  This class not only gives students the opportunity to get real world experience, but it also gives the opportunity for students to build lives and a career path for themselves.

  This course is one-of-a-kind and a great option for students who are looking to study technology in further education. This class has a lot of potential. It gives another option for a career in a new work place or another field that one could continue studying after high school.

For more information or a run down of the idea of the class visit or view East Leyden High School website