If ‘Friends’ Characters went to West Ottawa

Madeline Kendall


It’s hard not to get the theme song “I’ll be there for you!” stuck in your head. However what if the characters of ‘Friends’ didn’t just live inside the TV world? What if they went to WO? Would you sip coffee outside the WOZONE with Ross every morning and talk about dinosaurs? Would Phoebe audition for the school play with “Smelly Cat?” Here’s what going to school with our favorite friends might look like:

  Rachel Green

You knew Rachel as “that spoiled girl in all the fun classes” Freshman year. Rachel may have started out as a wanna-be popular girl, but would soon find her one passion: fashion. She took every fashion class there was to offer here at WO. Her favorite teacher was obviously the fashion class teacher, and their bond together was inseparable. She started a part time job at a local coffee shop as an (awful) barista, and even became president of the fashion club during her Senior year. She typically sports big scarves and boots, and helps every girl in her neighborhood get ready for the Snowball dance every winter.

  Ross Geller

You probably took some type of world class with Ross your Junior year, and he was the only one who got A’s on the exams. With that, you probably weren’t shocked to find out that he plans on majoring in geology in college. When he is not in the WOZONE working up the courage to hit on Rachel Green, you can find him nose deep in his World History homework in the school library. Despite his hard work, he does like to have fun, too. He helped with Dance Marathon his Freshman year, but didn’t the next year after a stage accident gone wrong. (PIVOT!) You will often see him at West Ottawa sporting events with his guy friends.

  Monica Geller

Monica became best friends with Rachel Green and they are closer than ever. She is one of those West Ottawa girls that makes you feel bad about yourself because she’s so skinny, but you’ve heard she use to be overweight at the beginning of high school. That’s why there are no Facebook photos of her before 2012. You will catch Monica hitting on all the hot guys at the football games. Monica also works at Sluggo’s, serving you bread sticks after a hard day at school. Not to mention, she is in every cooking class that WO has to offer so she can “better her fantastic skills.” Overall, shout out to Monica for brightening everyone’s day.

  Chandler Bing

Chandler became the class clown during his middle school days and it carried into high school. Many people think his comedy is a little annoying but enjoy the good laugh that it brings. Every day in the school cafeteria he makes jokes on how bad the food is and the lunch ladies hate him for it. Everyone wonders how he is passing high school. People who know him mention his cheating skills and stealthiness to weasel his way through Senior year. Although there are a lot of secrets about Chandler, one thing known for sure is that he is madly in love with Monica Geller. He also shares the best bromance WO has ever seen with his with his best friend, Joey.

  Phoebe Buffay

You saw Phoebe audition for the school play with her wacky “Smelly Cat” song and thought she was totally nuts. Now you realize that she is just as crazy in real life. She rides in between buildings on her roller skates in the spring and will occasionally do tricks for you. You see her carrying a cat to each class that she is thoroughly convinced lives as her mom’s spirit. Rumor has it that her troubled childhood makes for an inspiring story in her English essays. Often, people wish they were more like Phoebe: less stressed and more free spirited.

  Joey Tribbiani

Joey is the president of the Theater club and auditions for every play and musical he can. He can’t keep a girl for any more than a month, but nobody ever categorizes him as a player. He eats almost everything the WO cafeteria has to offer and you can always find Joey with his two best friends, Chandler and Ross. During Freshman and Sophomore year, you took French 1 and 2 with Joey. He was terribly bad at both French classes. You know him as a lovable goof who enjoys making others laugh.


There are tons of friend groups here at West Ottawa, but if we had these kinds of Friends it might make high school a little more enjoyable. Thank goodness we will always have Netflix and reruns playing every night.