Exam Advice for Freshmen

Sean Hoey

Dear Freshmen,


As your first set of high school exams approach, we, the senior class, would like to throw a bit of friendly advice to you. We know these exams may seem intimidating, but they are not the end of the world, we promise. Remember this key fact: the teachers want you to succeed, so they are not going to create the exams with the goal to make you fail. Seniors were able to make it to this point; you can do it too.


  There are many ways to get prepared before taking the exams. Sr. Chase Spooner is ready with some good  advice, “Take advantage of the opportunities that the school provides you for extra help, study, and use your time effectively,” Spooner said. The school does provide many opportunities to receive help. Go in during seminar, after or before class, and ask your teachers questions about the material you don’t understand. Also on January 17 from 5:00 to 7:00, WO Renaissance is hosting their annual Exam Cram in the North Library where teachers and NHS students will be there to assist you. Also you may come across a teacher that allows you to use notes on the exam, “If they give you the opportunity to use notes, make your notes count. Make it actually useful stuff and use as many notes as possible,” Spooner said.  


  Now we all know that studying is crucial during exam time, but that does not mean you should spend every possible moment studying. As an underclassman Sr. Wes Hook did exactly this, but as he advanced in high school he found a good way to study, but not too much. “Don’t study for hours on end. Do some studying, take a break, make sure it’s a short break, then get back to studying,” Hook said. This strategy works very effectively and is used by many students. Hook also had another piece of good advice; “If you do worse than you would’ve liked it’s not the end of the world.” He’s absolutely right. The best way to attack these exams is with a good attitude before, during, and after no matter the result.  


  Getting good sleep, eating right, and taking care of yourself are keys for a successful exam week. In order for your body and mind to function well you need to take care of it. Take it from Sr. Emily Kercher; She learned from experience early on that taking care of your body is crucial. “Make sure that you are taking care of yourself first and foremost. Make sure you are getting sleep and good food. Making sure you’re healthy and taken care of is crucial,” Kercher said. Your mind is able to work better and at a faster pace when it is well rested. A minimum of eight hours of good sleep is recommended in order for a good exam day. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night make sure you are getting your eight hours. Also eating a good healthy meal the night before and the morning of is essential. Both meals should include protein-rich foods. An ideal dinner the night before consists of omega-3 fatty acid fish or lean meat, along with potatoes and spinach or broccoli. Breakfast the day of should consist of items like whole-grain cereal,  a good helping of eggs, toast with jelly, or oatmeal. But don’t forget to drink plenty of water; hydration is key. Take care of yourself and a successful exam day is in your future.


  Our parents and teachers preach to us all the time about exams, and the reality is that we don’t listen as often as we should. But it’s been awhile since they have been in your shoes. Seniors were there a couple short years ago so we do know what we’re talking about. Take this advice to heart; it helped us, it can help you too.


Good luck,
The Seniors