“The coldest I’ve ever been”

Rachel Ives

Sr. Katie O’Brien shivers as she stands in the bleachers at WO’s football stadium.  It is Halloween, and the varsity football team is playing.  The theme for the Black Hole is to dress up for Halloween, but O’Brien was too cold to even do that.  If anyone asks why she isn’t dressed up, she tells them that she is an Eskimo.  This is the coldest that she has ever been.

  Many WO students encounter the chilly weather on a daily basis as they walk between buildings.  This means that they truly know what it means to be cold.

  Sr. Jarod Klavon plays hockey, so he encounters the cold very often.  Klavon was playing a hockey game at an outdoor rink in Barron County.  The temperature was two degrees below zero, and since he is the goalie, he could only stand in the goalie box.  Poor Klavon had to endure the entire game this way.

  Sr. Matt Schenemen is one of few people who jump in the lake in the early summer.  Many attempt to swim in June, but May is usually unheard of.  Schenemen jumped off of his boat in late May, and had the coldest experience of his life.

  By far the most chilling story from WO students is that of Jr. Hailey Warsaw.  Warsaw was taking pictures with a friend at the beach when they saw the opportunity to get some cool shots on the frozen lake.  Unfortunately, they walked too far out, and the ice started to crack.  Both Warsaw and her friend fell through the ice into the lake.  Since they were taking pictures, the girls weren’t wearing warm clothes or coats.  And, to top it all off, Warsaw did not drive, so they had to walk all the way home.  They did their best to warm up, but the freezing water had gotten the best of them.  Warsaw even ended up getting hives because she is allergic to the cold.  This story of freezing lakes and allergic reactions has to be the worst at WO.