Surprising things about coloring hair

Nicole Modders

¨Just do it.”

”But what if it turns out bad?¨

I stood in the middle of the hair color aisle in Target having an intense stare down with the blue hair dye, debating with myself whether to buy it or not. I would finally have the hair I want, but  that little seed of doubt keeps telling me I’m going to be spending the next year trying to hide my hair under a beanie.

  Luckily, everything turned out fine for my hair, but here´s seven surprising things I’ve discovered about dying hair  colors.

Tick Tock:

  First of all, it takes hours to color your hair. It´s not all just one process by throwing some hair dye in and rinsing it out like I believed. Before I was even able to touch the blue hair dye, I had to bleach out all color that was previously in my hair, which took at least an hour. Then I was finally able to actually use the blue hair dye, which then had to sit in my hair for half an hour.


 Secondly, everything will be stained. Everything. I stepped out of the shower and it looked as if my bathroom was hit by a blue hurricane. The counter was blue, the sink was blue, the floor was blue, everything was blue. Not only was the bathroom stained, but I had made the terrible mistake of putting on a white shirt, which was colored blue within the first half an hour after washing out my hair.

What is this texture?:

  I came into coloring my hair thinking that my hair would be the exact same, just blue. Makes sense, right? Wrong. For about a week my hair was super frizzy and dry, which scared me because I thought I had permanently damaged my hair, but after a week my naturally frizzy hair texture was actually even smoother than before. I later found out that hair dye actually can change hair texture sometimes.

Where’d my hair color go?:

  I also found out quickly that unnatural hair dye washes out fast. The day after I colored my hair, I took a shower and, like usual, washed my hair, but once my hair dried almost all the color had washed out. Only a small amount of blue tint remained. Turns out that to keep the color I only had to wash my hair once or twice a week, and at first that may sound unhygienic, but I found that my hair actually didn’t need any more washing than that and it actually made my hair even healthier because everyday use of shampoo would dry out my hair.


  There’s going to be tons of opinions whether you want them or not. I got mostly compliments, but of course, there were a couple people who gave me negative comments wanting me to color it back. Still, I ignored those comments because I was happy with how it turned out and that’s all that mattered.

I´m serious:

  So many people started not taking me seriously after I colored my hair, which I definitely did not expect. I took notice that more people paid attention to my opinions before I colored my hair blue than afterward. It became slightly more often that people would just dismiss my opinion or ignore my opinion completely. The first week after I got it done, in Freshman year, we were working in groups in our class and I found that my ideas were often times shot down more times than the week prior.


  For me, I became much more confident after I colored my hair because I felt that coloring my hair helped express my personality, and I became slightly more outgoing than I was before around people I didn’t know.

  In the end, I´m happy with my decision to dye my hair, and although there were many things I didn’t expect, overall, coloring my hair has been a good experience, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.