Social media types we all know

Madeline Kendall

Facebook: That One “Cool” Mom

We all have that mom on Facebook who posts pictures of her kids and her soy lattes every morning. That “cool” mom who knows everyone and everyone knows her. You can’t scroll through your news feed without passing that artsy picture of her soy latte or the picture of her kids before they head off to school.

Instagram: The Aesthetic

We all know that one girl on Instagram who posts artsy pictures of her sitting in a coffee shop with the same filter over and over. This girl always has a matching insta feed and theme to all of her pictures. You can’t go a day without running into a picture of the fall leaves or some inspirational quote under her selfie. Gotta make that filter game strong. When others go and follow her they’ll find a Bible verse in her bio and the year she finally graduates high school.

Twitter: The Ranty Type

She has that fake name on Twitter and a depressing quote in her bio. Almost every Friday night you see her tweet something like this “Ugh can’t believe my parents are making me stay home! Just let me live my life! *angry emoji face.*” That girl on Twitter always has to rant about all the little things that she “Just can’t handle.”

Snapchat: The Over-Sharer

There is always that  kid who has to share everything they do on snapchat. You may see him post something similar to this every night “Ah been a long day. Gotta get my beauty rest.” and then a snapchat of him with his eyes closed on his story. It’s almost impossible to go a day without feeling like you are living every moment of his life with him through his snapchat story.

Tumblr: The Hipster

We all have that one girl in our school who is wearing flower crowns and spending hours at a time in the local coffee shop. You may see her lying in a field full of sunflowers and using slang words no one understands. Occasionally you will catch her at a concert for an indie band (that has 8 followers on twitter, and no one knows about of course.) While scrolling through your Tumblr dash, there is without a doubt a chance you will see her very artsy pictures of neon lights.

Pinterest: The DIY-er

While walking around the school you can tell which girl is the DIY-er. She typically has homemade clothes and the cutest little bedroom you may have ever seen. If you get a birthday gift from her it’s more than likely homemade and one of the most heartwarming gifts you have ever received. She probably has about 80 mason jars scattered around her room with twine around them filled with everything from cookie ingredients to candles.