The GSA election

Seth J. Gibson

On November 2, Jr. Mazzy Schutmaat was elected President of the West Ottawa Gay Straight Alliance Club. He is honored to be elected, but more than that, with his new position of power and the goals he hopes to reach, he is on a mission to push the club forward.

  Mr. Kukla supervises the GSA meetings and activities. “The GSA president does what any president of a group or club does,” Kukla said. “They help set the agenda for the year in terms of the things the group would like to accomplish.” This would include arranging activities, sending a positive message for the school, coordinating with other GSA groups in the Holland area, and above all, motivating the group with a positive tone. Kukla acknowledges the importance of a positive tone, saying that “Higher energy means more getting done,” and “less energy means less being done.”

  Schutmaat will stay true to GSA by keeping the atmosphere positive, and more importantly, protected. One of Schutmaat’s main goals is to “just make this environment a safe space, especially now with the (U.S. Presidential) election results.” Schutmaat plans to do this through organizing lots of events and fundraisers, and in turn spreading awareness of the acceptance and kindness GSA can offer for all LGBTQ youth in the area. These goals will be put into effect as soon as possible.

  GSA meets every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in Room 602 in the South. All members, Schutmaat included, welcome any and all newcomers to help GSA and their mission to grow.