Adam Sandler: Good or bad?


Caroline Sisson and Lexi Manning

Caroline’s point:

Happy Gilmore. The Wedding Singer. 50 First Dates. All of these movies have one thing in common; Adam Sandler. Lexi can say what she like, but Adam Sandler is one of the most well known comedic actors of the century. One doesn’t have a net worth of 300 million dollars by not being funny.

 There isn’t really a uniform way to judge whether someone is funny or not, but taking a look at Adam Sandler’s Wikipedia page may tell you something about how funny he is. The man has won a TON of comedy awards, and recently too. If Adam Sandler wasn’t funny, I don’t think he would have won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor from 2011 to 2015. Give me a break. The man has been voted, by the PEOPLE, funny.

 Let’s take a jab at breaking down what being “funny” really means. For one, to be funny you have to be creative.  Adam Sandler writes his own songs for Pete’s sake! Go find Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song online and try and tell me that isn’t creative. This song might be seen as offensive to some people, (like Lexi), but Sandler is Jewish! He is able to make fun of himself and joke around about who he really is and that makes him funny. Second, in order to be funny you have to be willing to do funny things.  In one of Sandler’s best movies, Happy Gilmore, Sandler does a scene which consists of a multitude of hilarious actions. He gets hit by golf balls, falls over cars, you know, the usual. Being able to not only say funny things but do funny things is one of the biggest indicators that someone is funny.  Third, being funny means you have to be able to sell your jokes; you have to be able to deliver them well.  Sandler does just this, and it may be the main reason he is such a talented comedian. Whether it is doing stand up or acting as a character in a sketch, Sandler encompasses his role and makes every performance funny.

 Being someone who dreams of being on SNL in the future, I fully appreciate Adam Sandler’s slapstick humor and sketch comedy skills (Lexi calls this “cringe worthy.” Insert eye roll). Though Sandler’s comedy is admittedly a little inappropriate (I couldn’t find many SNL sketches without some choice language), it still never ceases to make people of all ages laugh. When Sandler left SNL in 1995, he left created a legacy that SNL cast members are still trying to live up to today.  Adam Sandler was successful on one of THE hardest television shows to be successful on! Even if you don’t think he’s a little bit funny, you can at least give him credit for that.

 In a little bit you’re going to read why Lexi thinks that Adam Sandler’s music is terrible and embarrassing; she’s wrong. In case you’ve forgotten (or never really knew) Adam Sandler performed at the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert in New York City on 12/12/12. For those of you who don’t know, this concert was broadcast live across the country; it featured headliners such as Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and… Adam Sandler. Let’s, for a second, play with the idea that Adam Sandler isn’t funny. If, Adam Sandler has lost his mojo as Lexi will say, why on earth would he be asked to perform a SONG at the (arguably) largest concert of the century? It may be a modern mystery, but it may also just be that Adam Sandler is funny. Legends. Never. Die.

 All in all, people have different tastes and ideas of what is really funny. But honestly, if you don’t think Adam Sandler is funny there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you.

 If you’re up for it, see for yourself! Check out: and see why Adam Sandler is one of the greatest comedians of all time.

Lexi’s point:

Happy Gilmore. The Wedding Singer. 50 First Dates. All of these movies have two things in common: Adam Sandler and being complete fails.

  I understand that a lot of people think Adam Sandler is funny and talented and makes great movies, but the fact is, they aren’t great at all. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be forced to watch another Sandler movie at another family get-together ever again. Sure, the five to twelve year olds laugh until they cry, but his so called comedy act just leaves me cringing. Joke after joke after annoying, cringe worthy joke.

  But Caroline does have a point – Adam Sandler is a well known, awarded “comedian.” Yes, he is worth 300 million dollars. But a majority of that money and those awards were earned in the 90’s from his “good” movies: Billy Madison, The Waterboy and early 2000’s Click. They were all box office hits. I can admit, I grew up watching some of these tasteless comedies, but since I was young, I didn’t have a very high IQ, either, so what is that really saying?

  Not only is Adam Sandler an actor and film director, but he also writes music. Terrible, embarrassing and somewhat offensive music. See: his most infamous song “The Chanukah Song.” With lyrics like, “Paul Newman’s half Jewish, Goldie Hawn’s half too/ Put them together, what a fine lookin’ Jew” and “On this lovely, lovely Chanukah/ So drink your gin and tonicah/ And smoke your marijuanikah/ If you really, really wannakah” it seems to be taking an important holiday that millions of people take very seriously and turning it into a week of “gin and tonicah” and “marijuanikah.” Nice, Sandler. Could you try to be more immature?

  Now, don’t even get me started on one of his last movies, Pixels. With terrible reviews (16% on Rotten Tomatoes, 5.6/10 on IDMb), it was torn up by critics and for good reason. More slapstick comedy, and more tasteless depictions of women, people of color and gays. While this movie is PG13, it has tons of sexual references and graphic hints at some of the main (white male) characters wanting to do certain actions to women, and countless inferences that being a homosexual is bad (because, well, they are straight white men, and what is worse than loving someone of the same gender, right?). The best part? Women are the “prizes” for the men at the end. They are not human. They are just sexual objects. Seem a little rapey to you? Me too.

  Long time Sandler fans are all over the internet admitting that he is a terrible actor now, and that he’s lost all of his interest in actually making “good” movies again. He’s just an offensive, entitled, sexist, racist fool. He’s an old, overused, stale joke. If you take a look at the vast majority of Sandler’s movies, you will not find very many women who play a part in movies that aren’t just for men, and you’ll find very few people of color who are cast in roles that aren’t stereotypical and disrespectful to their heritage. His music isn’t funny. His acting is bad. There’s literally nothing that says “comedy” to me about being extremely offensive. Now that I’ve grown up, I know I’m more intelligent than that.

  So, Caroline (and other Sandler fans), I know you think he’s funny, but you’re just feeding the already too large problem of sexism, racism and overall offensiveness. It’s not funny to make fun of entire groups of people, whether it’s making fun of their heritage, religion, or even their gender. If you believe that women are people and not objects, people of all color and sexualities are valid, and making fun of entire groups of people is wrong, hop on the intelligent train and never support one of his trashy movies again.