WO’s Favorite Star Wars

WOs Favorite Star Wars

Matt Butts

In a point in one’s life, someone may have overheard, and witnessed pretty heated arguments over which Star Wars film is the best. West Ottawa has had some surveys floating around about just that. Students ranked their favorite and why. They vote for the best, and the vote of students that have not seen any of the Star Wars films have been made separate from the others percentage.

  The results show that The Force Awakens has received the most first place votes at 37.5%. Surprisingly, Attack of the Clones and the animated Clone Wars did not get any votes at all. The voters of the Force Awakens usually voted for this because they said it was the most recent or that it was the only one that they had seen. One of the interesting things was that the Phantom Menace received quite a few votes more than expected; this is one of the most highly pushed aside sequel to some fans. It was a surprise that some consider the Phantom Menace as the best of the Star Wars films.

  56.7% of voters have seen Star Wars. That is the majority of students.  Most of the  43.3% of students at WO that said that they have not seen Star Wars said that the reason they have not seen the film was because they never found it interesting to see. Soph. Natalia Garcia has not seen a Star Wars film. “Star Wars never caught my attention,” said Garcia. From what the survey shows, no one really want’s to see Star Wars unless they have seen at least one film. At that point you pretty much can’t stop them.

  Star Wars is a worldwide phenomenon. Everybody that has not seen Star Wars has at least heard of it from someplace. The debate about which one is the most popular is won most often and at WO by the most recently released, The Force Awakens.