Lemonjello’s cutting their hours

Madeline Kendall

For many kids at West Ottawa, Lemonjello’s is the ultimate hangout spot to get homework done. On a weekly basis, Lemonjello’s sees many high school kids come in and out after school . With Lemonjello’s cutting their hours short from closing at 10pm to now closing at 7pm, many high schoolers are choosing JP’s for their studying purposes. With many high school kids in sports or extracurricular activities, they often don’t get done with their practices until late at night, leaving no choice but to choose JP’s over Lemonjello’s. Many students are not happy with the new change Lemonjello’s has made. They miss the unique taste of Lemonjello’s coffee that they would drink at 9 o’clock at night to keep themselves awake long enough to cram as much information as they can before school the next day.

  Lemonjello’s is cutting their hours because they “were not getting many customers after work hours. There would be people here but they were just doing their work and finishing the drinks they had bought two hours before,” a Lemonjello’s worker said. Obviously that is a reasonable decision, but it is leaving WO with no choice but JP’s after 7pm.

  Soph. Sydney Otolski spends a lot of her time sitting in Lemonjello’s trying to prepare for her upcoming tests. “I don’t like having to start off sitting in Lemonjello’s to soon have to walk down to JP’s on the other block just to finish my homework. It is very inconvenient,” Otolski said.

  Sr. Megan De Jongh loves hanging out with friends and catching up on the craziness of life at Lemonjello’s. “When Lemonjello’s closes at 7pm it makes me frustrated because most of the people I meet with can’t hang out till after 6 or 7 at night. When that happens, we are forced to go hangout at JPs. Sometimes I just want that unique taste of Lemonjello’s coffee while catching up with an old friend,” De Jongh said.

  Many students at WO are not happy with the new change that Lemonjello’s has made. They are missing the coffee that Lemonjello’s is famous for. The laid back feeling Lemonjello’s gives just isn’t the same anywhere else.