Homecoming Assembly highlights


Juli Shattuck

The gym was filled with noise. The band played the fight song as the seniors rushed in from all corners. Jumping and running, seniors met up in the center of the gym as they all expressed their school spirit by yelling and shaking their noise makers. This moment of the assembly was filled with excitement and anticipation for what was to come.

   Varsity cheerleaders had a fantastic routine setup for the assembly. The routine had everyone involved, some doing back handsprings and back tucks. They also did some twist cradles from extension and a well mounted pyramid, it looked smooth and tight going into new moves. The counts were on and very sharp. The music in the background played well to the tempo of the routine. Everyone cheered and wanted to see more. It looked awesome and well put together.

   Another great thing about the assembly was the mock rocks. It was one of the best freshman mock rocks in the last 4 years. They looked great in 80’s clothes, really impressive and unique. They all had their own parts but it all blended together well. The music went well with the theme and the school went wild when the lights dimmed down and everyone got out there phones and turned on the flashlight.

  Sr. Kyle Moody was one of many who attended the assembly. He had a big surprise no one knew about. At first it lead on to be just another transition to a different activity but then someone handed him flowers, everyone was confused but went with it. As he walked over to where the varsity cheerleaders we’re sitting on the floor, everyone got the hint that he was asking Jr. Sienna Chap to Homecoming. As all the cheering was going on he patiently waited for a response of a yes. The whole gym went crazy as the two embraced in a hug showing the gym that she had said yes.

  The assembly was great. From freshman experiencing it for the first time, to seniors experiencing it for the last time, the Homecoming assembly was one to remember.